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  Spring 2021 SEMESTER COVID-19 UPDATE: The EMCC campus is open to EMCC employees and students attending on-campus classes. All student support services are available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.

Capital Assets

Property Control

The EMCC Property Control department is responsible for the recording of all equipment that are purchased and received at the Estrella Mountain Receiving docks. Our main responsibility is to ensure that all capital and non-capital equipment and goods are accounted for and appropriate records are maintained in compliance with Maricopa Community Colleges, State, and Federal regulations. Property Accounting department’s main role is:

  • To maintain and safeguard the campus assets through:

  • To conduct an annual inventory of all capital assets. Results are later compared to the data from the Fixed Asset System that is maintained by the District Capital Asset Accounting department.

  • To provide guidance to campus personnel on issues pertaining to the approved administrative rules and regulations for accurate and timely property control practices and procedures such as:

    • Tagging and inventory

    • Surplus property

    • Donations

    • Move of equipment/furniture

    • Other relevant issues

Surplus Property:

When an item is identified as surplus, the college notifies the District Surplus Management office for the purpose of internal redeployment. The following process is established to ensure compliance with approved administrative rules and regulations:

  • Contact Patti Blair at the Property Control department, #58147

  • Obtain a Transfer/Disposal Form from:

  • Once the form is completed, appropriate signatures should be obtained

  • Return completed form to Patti Blair

The item is subsequently sent to the District Surplus Management Office

Tagging & Inventory:

  • The tagging of assets begin when the goods are delivered to the campus Receiving.
  • The Receiving Clerk verifies the shipment by counting the items delivered and comparing them to the total count appearing on the packing slip.
  • Once the items are verified, tag numbers are issued according to the value and the category of goods received.
  • The tagged information is input into the District Asset System.
  • The information on each tag is linked to description of the item, category, building, room number, account code, and dollar amount.
  • This information is also entered into the Fixed Asset System and used for safe guarding assets by the District Capital Asset Accounting department.
  • The accuracy of the work at both ends (campus Property Control Department/Receiving and District Office) ensures a minimum of inventory discrepancy


Acceptance of donated items:

 Before a division accepts donated items from an outside entity or another campus, the following steps must be taken:

  •  Value of the item must be determined

  • An estimate of the maintenance cost must be identified. This is specially important because the maintenance cost may adversely impact the campus budget

  • If it is feasible to accept the donation, then the proper form must be obtained

  • The Donor must complete and sign the Donation Property Form

  • Documentation to support the value of the donated item must be attached

  • The Donation Property form is then forwarded to the Division Chair/Director/Dean/Vice President for signatures.

  • Once the appropriate signatures are obtained, the Donation Property form must be forwarded to Patti Blair

 Donating items to external entities:

Before donating any Estrella Mountain college equipment to an outside entity, the following steps must be taken:

Move of Equipment or Furniture:

  • In order to move a non-technology equipment, please file a helpdesk request

  • In order to move a technology equipment, please file a helpdesk request

More Information

For information regarding other property control functions such as: equipment checkout policy and forms, disposal of library books, etc., please refer to