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Contracts and Agreements

All contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, license agreements, online terms and conditions, end user agreements or MCCCD legal templates must be reviewed and processed by EMCC Fiscal Services. EMCC Fiscal Services will serve as the liaison between the college and the District Office of General Counsel.

Reminder: EMCC employees DO NOT have the authority to sign contracts or accepts terms and condition on behalf of EMCC or MCCCD. The term "contracts" includes a wide range of things. It encompasses documents that are called something else, like agreements, memorandum of understanding, licenses, leases, rentals, sales of used property, purchases, intergovernmental agreements, grants, educational services agreements, and donations. It also includes proposals the District submits to get contracts and online agreements, terms of use or end user agreements or any web page that requires the employee to click I agree, I accept, etc.

To submit contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, license agreements, online terms and conditions, end user agreements or MCCCD legal templates:

  1. Verify there is funding and budget available in the FMS Account Summary Inquiry (ASI) if there is a cost related to the contract
    • To find ASI and verify budget, log into Employee Learn Center>Resources>FMS>View Budget Invoices (Account Summary Inquiry)
  2. If contract is for IT - your contract/agreement is related to software or online license agreements; skip to step 9
  3. All other contracts continue to step 4
  4. End User collects Supplier information
  5. Determine if a Maricopa Contract Template or a Supplier contract will be used
  6. Complete Privacy and Security Questionnaire (PSQS)
  7. Request Certificate of Insurance (COI) from company (if applicable)
  8. Submit the following to EMCC Fiscal Services at:
    • Supplier name, address and contact information (name, email address and phone number)
    • Contract
    • Certificate of Insurance (if applicable)
    • PSQS
    • Quote (if applicable)
  9. IT Agreement: Submit a Helpdesk ticket to IT with the following information:
    • Name of product wishing to be purchased
    • Website of software company if there is one
    • A quote for the software if there is one
  10. Request Certification of Insurance (COI) from company (if applicable)
  11. IT will work with Fiscal to complete Privacy and Security Questionnaire for Screening (PSQS)

Buying Process for End User:

  • Follow MCCCD and EMCC Purchasing Guidelines, Policies and Procedures.
  • Work with Patty Topping ( if purchasing an IT product through Procard.
  • Always verify budget before submitting helpdesk ticket.

See Steps for Contract Submission for Contract step by step instructions and submission.

Please do not send any contract/agreements directly to the District Office of General Counsel, the EMCC President or EMCC Vice President of Administrative Services.