Fiscal Services

Expense Correction

Expense Correction:

Expense Correction allows the division to move an expense after the expense is posted in FMS.  The expense can be moved from one FMS Department to another FMS Department, correct the FMS chartfield string or to move an expense from district or sister college.

Divisions should use FMS Account Summary Inquiry (ASI) to review expenses. If budget needs to be moved within a FMS Department, submit a Budget Transfer.


  • District Office purchased a license agreement for all of the colleges and now the college must reimburse District for the expense

  • A Procard expense was charged to the wrong FMS chartfield and needs to be corrected

Process to Request Expense Correction

  1. Review expense via FMS Account Summary Inquiry (ASI)

  2. Collect details of expense - PO #, voucher #, date of expense, Procard cardholder

  3. Send email to Fiscal Services cc FMS Budget Manager with the following information: 


EMC10-54100-EMMAINCA-110-801234-ACAD_SUPP. Include GLBU, Account, Operating Unit, Fund, Department and Function


DSTOF-54100- EMMAINCA-110-801235-INSTRCTON. Include GLBU, Account, Operating Unit, Fund, Department and Function




Move expense paid on Division A's PO #100023456 Voucher #00545454 to correct division Dept

Supporting Documents:

PO#, Voucher #, if Procard expense (include card holder name and voucher#) or email notification showing college reimbursement

Grant Expense: If the expenses to be moved are associated with a grant, the Grant Cost Transfer Form will need to be completed and attached to the Expense Correction email.

Payroll Expenses: If the expense to be moved is payroll expenses, please work with the Budget Office to process a journal.