Fiscal Services

Expense Correction

Expense Correction:

An Expense Correction allows the college to move allowable expenditures between FMS Departments. 

  • District Office purchased a license agreement for all of the colleges and now the college must reimburse District for the expense.
  • The Office of Instruction purchased EMCC promotional items from Marketing & PR and Instruction is now reimbursing Marketing & PR for the expense.

Expense Corrections should be emailed to Fiscal Services and should cc the FMS Approver for the account.

Example Email:
Credit: EMC10-54100-EMMAINCA-110-801234-ACAD_SUPP. Include GLBU, Account, Operating Unit, Fund, Department and Function
Debit DSTOF-54100- EMMAINCA-110-801235-INSTRCTON. Include GLBU, Account, Operating Unit, Fund, Department and Function
Amount: $1,234.00
Justification: Move expense paid on Division A's PO #100023456 Voucher #00545454 to correct division Dept.  
Supporting Documents: PO#, Voucher #, if Procard expense (include card holder name and voucher#) or email notification showing colleges contribution.

Grant Expense: If the expense is associated with a grant project then complete a Grant Cost Transfer Form and attach to email.