Fiscal Services

Purchasing FAQs

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A requisition is the request for approval to commit funds for a purchase. The requisition must go through the FMS approval process. Approval process includes Budget Manager, IT (if technology related), Grants (if grant funding), Fiscal Services, Legal (if review required) and Buyer (if over $50,000). This is only a request and is not a purchase order. Requisitions under $50,000 and does not require Legal review will be final approved by Fiscal Services then the purchase order (PO) will be approved. Requisitions over $50,000 and/or does require Legal review will be final approved by District Purchasing then the PO will be approved.

An approved purchase order (PO) is required prior to placing an order or services being requested. A PO is created from an approved requisition. The PO is printed and sent to Requisitioner via inter campus mail.

Under $5,000
$0.01 to $5,000

One (1) bid/quote required for goods or services - attach to requisition

Purchase Order created by college Fiscal Services

$5,000 to $50,000

Three (3) bid/quotes required for goods or services - attach to requisition

Purchase Order created by college Fiscal Services

$50,000 to $100,000

Three (3) bid/quotes required for goods or services - attach to requisition

Purchase Order created by college District Purchasing

Greater than $100,000

Formal process, Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal required.

Performed by District Purchasing

District Purchase Buyers are the purchasing experts and can be contacted to assist with finding suppliers and requesting bid/quote.

Taggable and capital are required to be tracked for reporting purposes. These items cannot be purchased on a blanket PO, petty cash voucher or the ProCard. Below is a list of taggable and capital items:

Taggable Items: a taggable item is any item that can be checked out by staff/students or have a value that is necessary for tracking

  • Cameras, Calculator, Scanner, Microscope, Printer, Monitor

Capital Items: a capital item is a single tangible item with a total cost of $1000.00 or greater including tax and shipping.

An unauthorized purchase is an agreement, a commitment, or an order for goods or services, or changes to existing contracts by any person who does not have express written delegation of procurement authority to bind MCCCD. This includes changes under existing contracts that are made by persons who do not have delegated purchasing authority. Unauthorized purchases are not binding on MCCCD and the vendor may be advised to seek payment from the employee

  • Unauthorized Purchases include:
  • Placing an order without an approved Purchase Order.
  • Placing an order either before or after submitting the requisition on the assumption that a PO has or will be approved.
  • Over spending the authorized amount of a Blanket Purchase order.
  • Coercing a vendor to initiate an order on the promise that a PO is forthcoming.
  • Using personal funds to make a purchase of goods or services that would normally require the involvement of purchasing to secure competition, approve sole source or otherwise comply with MCCCD policy and procedure with the intent to seek personal reimbursement.

Unauthorized purchases require an email explanation as to why unauthorized purchase occurred and approval from the college dean and vice president. The email approval is then attached to FMS requisition to support requisition.

FY 18/19 Purchasing goes from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019; however purchasing will be cut off in May for year end processing.

  • Services cannot be committed to or rendered or requested prior to July 1, 2018.
  • Goods cannot be ordered or delivered prior to July 1, 2018.

Prior to committing any EMCC or MCCCD funds, an approved purchasing tool must be requested and approved by Fiscal Services or District Purchasing. Purchase Orders (PO), Procard or cash under an approved Petty Cash Voucher.  A requisition is not an approved purchasing tool.

EMCC employees DO NOT have the authority to sign any agreement, contract or document or accept any terms and conditions on behalf of EMCC or MCCCD. This includes accepting terms and conditions or end user license agreements online. This authority has been delegated to District Legal by the Governing Board.  

Prior to using an approved purchasing tool to request a purchase, there must be sufficient available budget within the FMS Department and Account to support the expense. Review budget through FMS Commitment Control.  

All supporting documentation must be attached to the last line of the FMS requisition and in PDF file format. This includes: bid/quote, copy of Official Function Form, contracts or agreements, Information Security and Privacy Contract Review Process Requester Due Diligence Questionnaire, and certificate of insurance.