Fiscal Services

Purchasing FAQs

MCCCD will be switching to Staples for ordering supplies.  OfficeMax access ends on March 1, 2018. 

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It is the responsibility of the Requisitioner to ensure that an approved purchase order has been created prior to committing any EMCC or MCCCD funds. A purchase order is created from an approved requisition.  Final approval for requisitions $50,000 or less (no contract/agreement) are approved by EMCC Fiscal Services. Final approval for requisitions $50,001 or greater or with contract/agreement are approved by District Purchasing.    

Taxes and shipping must be included in the requisition. These can be accounted for by adding a single line as service dollars including tax % and note if there is no tax or shipping.

Technology related purchases on either requisitions or Procard must be approved by EMCC IT prior to purchase. 

Suppliers providing services to the college are required to provide a certificate of insurance. Requirements can be viewed at MCCCD Legal Services. You can Search the Database to ensure the supplier has a valid Certificate of Insurance on file.

EMCC employees do not have authority to sign or accept terms/conditions on behalf of EMCC or MCCCD.  All contracts/agreements must either be routed to Fiscal Services (no expenses) or attached to the FMS requisition (has expense) for review and approval by District Legal. All contracts/agreements require an Information Security and Privacy Contract Review Process Requester Due Diligence Questionnaire. Plan accordingly as the contract review process can take up to six weeks for processing. All contracts/agreements from outside entities must be signed by District Legal.  

All invoices are required to be sent directly to District Accounts Payable from the supplier to:

District Support Services Center - Accounts Payable
2411W 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281-6942


All purchasing for FY 18/19 will cut-off at the beginning of May. Please plan accordingly.