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Invoices & Vouchers

EMCC Purchasing Guidelines

EMCC Procard Guidelines

Per MCCCD Policy and MCCCD Purchase Orders, ALL INVOICES must be sent via mail or email to MCCCD Accounts Payable. MCCCD Accounts Payable will not accept faxed invoices.

Mail To:

Maricopa County Community College District Office

Attn:  Accounts Payable

2411 W 14th St

Tempe, AZ 85281-6942

Email To:

If Requestor/Requisitioner receives an invoice at the EMCC address:

  • Write and/or highlight the Purchase Order Number on the invoice/voucher for faster payment
  • Forward the invoice to Geneva Leyba in Fiscal Services
  • Contact the Supplier to correct the Bill-To address to reflect the MCCCD Accounts Payable address listed above.

Invoice Requirements

  1.  An original invoice from the supplier is required for purchases, services, etc.  The invoice must include the following:
    • Supplier Name
    • Detail of items purchased or services received
    • The MCCCD Purchase Order Number (PO# 100012345)
  2. When placing orders or requesting services:
    • Provide the Purchase Order Number to the Supplier
    • Request that the Supplier notate the Purchase Order Number on the packing slip and invoice
    • Verify the Supplier has accurate addresses:
      • Ship-To as EMCC’s address
      • Bill-To as the MCCCD Accounts Payable address

Invoice/Voucher Procedures

  1. Invoice is sent to MCCCD Accounts Payable from Supplier.
  2. MCCCD Accounts Payable enters invoice into FMS, assigns a Voucher ID Number and matches it against the PO indicated on the invoice.
    • If the Purchase Order Number is incorrect or not listed on the invoice/voucher, MCCCD Accounts Payable will be unable to match it to a Purchase Order Number and it will be sent to Fiscal Services for research.
  3. When the invoice/voucher is ready to be reviewed for approval:
    • Requestor/Requisitioner will receive an Approval Request for the invoice/voucher in an email from MCCCD Accounts Payable.
    • Requestor/Requisitioner will also receive notification in their FMS Worklist.
  4. Requestor/Requisitioner reviews invoice for accuracy:
    • Compare invoice/voucher to quote and verify amounts match.
    • If a services purchase order, verify services have been rendered in full.
    • If a goods purchase order, verify item description and number of items on invoice/voucher match the item description and number of items received.
  5. If no discrepancies, requestor/requisitioner approves the invoice by clicking the ‘Approve’ button.
  6. MCCCD Accounts Payable processes the invoice and payment will be disbursed to the Supplier.

FMS Match Exception

A Match Exception generates when an invoice is submitted to MCCCD Accounts Payable and cannot be processed due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The invoice amount exceeds the Purchase Order amount
  • Invoice unit price of merchandise is greater than the Purchase Order unit price
  • Invoice does not match the Purchase Order lines
  • Receiving discrepancies exist

FMS Match Exception Procedures

  1. Requestor/Requisitioner will receive a Match Exception Alert in an email from MCCCD Accounts Payable when an invoice/voucher requires attention.
  2. Requestor/Requisitioner reviews the invoice/voucher against the Purchase Order for any discrepancies:
    • Requestor/Requisitioner contacts supplier to verify amounts, correct lines on the invoice to match the PO and/or verify items shipped.
  3. An invoice/voucher cannot be processed for approval until the requestor/requisitioner resolves the Match Exception in one or more of the following ways:
    • Request an increase to the Purchase Order to pay the difference in the dollar amount
    • Work with the Supplier to determine the proper course of action
    • Contact Geneva Leyba in Fiscal Services to resolve receiving discrepancies

Invoice/Voucher Dispute

MCCCD Accounts Payable cannot pay an invoice that does not match the PO lines.  It is the responsibility of the requestor/requisitioner to contact the Supplier to resolve a dispute and manage the dispute in their FMS Worklist.

  1. The Requestor/Requisitioner can request for MCCCD Accounts Payable to hold the invoice if:
    • The invoice does not match the quote
    • Services were not fully rendered
    • Merchandise not received
  2. The Requestor/Requisitioner can reject an invoice:
    • Click the ‘Reject’ button in their FMS Worklist and provide a detailed comment as to why the invoice is being disputed and how to procced with the invoice.  For example: If invoice needs to be applied to a different Purchase Order Number, add comment to reattach invoice to new Purchase Order Number.
  3. If the invoice is not EMCC’s or was paid by ProCard:
    • The Requestor/Requisitioner can click the ‘Reject’ button in their FMS Worklist and add a detailed comment as to why the invoice is being rejected.
    • If invoice was paid by ProCard, email MCCCD Accounts Payable with the Voucher ID Number and screenshot of ProCard reconciliation statement exhibiting the supplier name and amount for invoice/voucher paid.

*For further assistance concerning invoices/vouchers, contact:

Geneva Leyba in Fiscal Services

623-935-8293 or

Quick Reference Guides - How to  Approve an Invoice/Voucher in FMS