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Official Functions: Administrative Regulation 1.16

MCCCD is required to spend its resources only for things that tangibly and directly benefit its educational mission and objectives. Some expenses by their nature are not appropriate and others require an explanation to meet that requirement.

The term "official function" means an activity or item that:

Does not appear to be, without explanation, an ordinary and necessary function of MCCCD as a public educational institution; and provides a tangible benefit and links directly to MCCCD's educational mission; and is reasonable and commensurate in value to the tangible benefit that MCCCD will receive.


Expenses for MCCCD or individual memberships in professional organizations that are specifically and directly related to MCCCD's educational mission or to an employee's job are considered ordinary and necessary business expenses of MCCCD. Examples of membership expenses that are appropriate without further explanation are:

  • American Association Of University Women
  • Cooperative Education Association
  • National Council For Student Development

In each of those examples, the name of the organization demonstrates the connection and MCCCD entities need not complete the "Official Function Form" or the "Membership Payment Worksheet.

However, the propriety of MCCCD or individual memberships in organizations whose names do not clearly establish that they are professional or academic and are related to public employment or education needs to be documented under this regulation. For those types of memberships, MCCCD employees must complete the worksheet entitled "Membership Payment Worksheet" (Appendix FM-8) and provide it to the college or other appropriate fiscal officer to retain. Colleges or other MCCCD entities may require executive-level approval of memberships.

Payment of memberships in non-school related civic or community groups is inappropriate. Additionally, payment of individual memberships should be considered only if the organization does not allow an institutional membership, where the organization requires both an institutional membership and individual memberships for MCCCD employees participating in the organization, or where the appropriate fiscal officer determines that an individual membership is the most cost effective.