Fiscal Services

Financial Management System - FMS

Request New FMS Account:

Financial Management System (FMS) access allows employees to monitor division budgets, approve purchases and process purchasing for their division. Employees are required to attend District ITS training (in person or webinar) prior to requesting access. Both the Requisitioner (purchaser) and Budget Manager (approver) are required to attend FMS training to receive access. 

Steps to Requesting New FMS Accounts:

  1. Employee registers for training via the Employee Learn Center.   Required trainings are: FMS Requisitions, FMS Budget Review, FMS Travel Authorization and FMS Expense Reports (in person or webinar)
  2. Supervisor (Budget Manager) sends an email to: requesting FMS access for the employee. Include the following employee information in the email:
    1. MEID
    2. Email address
    3. Dates of training for FMS Requisition, Budget Review and Travel Authorizations
    4. If the Budget Manager is new to EMCC and recently attended training include the Budget Manager dates of training
    5. Attach either the Employee Learn Center transcript or screen shot showing FMS training completed 
  3. Fiscal Services will request new account from District. 
  4. Employee is notified via email when account has been established.  FMS username and password are the MEID username and password. 

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