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New ProCard Access

Request New ProCard Access

The Procurement Card - ProCard program allows Requisitioners to purchase goods via a VISA Card. The ProCard is issued to full time MCCCD employees for the purposes of purchasing items for their division without the hassle of requisitions, purchase orders and invoices. The ProCard is tied to the division's FMS Department and transactions are reconciled monthly in FMS.

Note: Employees must have FMS access prior to requesting ProCard access; however ProCard and FMS training can be taken at the same time.

Steps to Requesting New ProCard Access:

(Both the cardholder and reviewer must attend their specific ProCard Training)

A supervisor who has already completed ProCard training will not be required to take the training again.

  • Once the FMS and the ProCard training has been completed, Supervisor sends an email to: requesting ProCard access for both employee (cardholder) and supervisor (reviewer).
    Include the following information for both in the email:
    • MEID
    • Email address
    • Date of training for both employee (cardholder) and supervisor (reviewer)
    • Attach cardholder and reviewer Employee Learn Center transcript or screen shot showing ProCard training completed
  • Fiscal Services will request ProCard access from District
  • Cardholder and reviewer will be notified via email when their access has been established

MCCCD Purchasing Policies: It is the responsibility of the Cardholder and Reviewer to ensure all MCCCD Purchasing and EMCC ProCard Policies/Guidelines are adhered to; failure to follow guidelines may result in suspension or termination of the card.

ProCard Reconciliation and Purchasing Guidelines