Fiscal Services

Petty Cash Vouchers

Petty Cash Vouchers are used to purchase tangible items (no services) from local suppliers who will not take a purchase order.


  • Limit $300.00
    • Fiscal Services will not reimburse over the $300.00 petty cash limit.
  • Approved Petty Cash
    • An approved petty cash must be on file with Cashiers/Fiscal Services and cash received prior to making any purchases. 
  • Goods Only
    • Purchase of goods (tangible items) only.
  • No Services
    • No services including, professional services, maintenance, or catering.
  • No Internet or Money Order purchases
    • Petty cash cannot be used to purchase items on the internet or money orders.
  • No Catering
    • No catered food. EMCC is defining “catering” as any noncommercial packaged food or drinks prepared by either a restaurant or caterer (excluding pizza, coffee, donuts and bagels). Catering must be purchased from one of the approved suppliers on the Fiscal Services Approved Catering Suppliers list. Catering cannot be purchased on Petty Cash.
  • Original Receipts Required
    • Original receipts are required for all purchases; receipt must include the supplier name, date, and detail of transaction. Altered receipts will not be accepted.
  • Cash Only
    • Purchases must be paid for with cash only, no credit cards.
  • Events or Meetings
    • Petty cash for an event must have an approved official function form attached. Official Function forms can only be signed by Vice President or President. If petty cash is for meeting or event, agenda and or flyer is required.
  • No Capital or Tagged Items
    • Capital items or other items normally tagged or cataloged cannot be purchased on a petty cash. Ex: no cameras. 
  • Available Budget/Funds
    • The FMS department and account must have available budget/funds to cover the entire petty cash at the time of approval.
  • Due in 5 Days
    • Must be reconciled within five (5) days after date issued.
  • No Personal Items
    • Personal items cannot be purchased and appear on the petty cash receipts.
  • No Reimbursement or Unauthorized Purchases 
    • Fiscal Services will not reimburse for purchases that were made prior to approval and receiving of petty cash
  • Purchases by Student Clubs or Organizations
    • These purchases must have approval from Director of Student Life


  1. Obtain a Petty Cash Voucher from Cashiers.
  2. Complete all of the information and provide a detailed description of purchases to be made with the petty cash.
  3. Attach official function form and agenda if applicable.
  4. Verify funds available in chartfield.
  5. Get approval signatures.
  6. Present the Petty Cash Voucher to Cashiers to receive cash.
  7. Purchase items from supplier.
  8. Reconcile petty cash with Cashiers within 5 days of issue.  Must include original receipts and unused cash.

Contact Fiscal Services for petty cash exceptions.