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EMCC Purchasing Guidelines

EMCC Procard Guidelines

MCCCD Procurement Card Policy

EMCC Official Function Purchasing Guidelines

EMCC On Campus Food Distribution Guidelines

MCCCD Purchasing Policies: It is the responsibility of the Requester and Approver to ensure all MCCCD Administrative Regulations and MCCCD & EMCC Purchasing and Procard Policies/Guidelines are adhered to.

Committing Funds: Prior to committing any EMCC or MCCCD funds, an approved purchasing tool must be requested and approved by Fiscal Services or District Purchasing.

Approved Purchasing: Prior to committing any funds, an approved purchasing tool: Purchase Order (PO), Procard or cash under an approved Petty Cash Voucher must be created and approved. A requisition is not an approved purchasing tool.

Available Budget/Revenue: Prior to using an approved purchasing tool to request a purchase, there must be sufficient available budget/revenue within the FMS Department and Account to support the expense. Verify budget/revenue availability using FMS - Account Summary Inquiry (ASI).

  • For FMS Help, log into the Employee Learn Center (ELC). Navigate to Resources>FMS>View Budget Invoices (Account Summary Inquiry)

FMS Requisition: A requisition is the request for approval to commit MCCCD/EMCC funds for a purchase and goes through the FMS approval process. FMS Requisition tutorial.

Approved Purchase Order (PO): It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that an approved purchase order has been created prior to committing any EMCC or MCCCD funds. A purchase order is created from an approved requisition.

Procurement Card (ProCard): A ProCard is issued to full time MCCCD employees for the purposes of purchasing items for their division and is tied to the division’s FMS Department. All transactions are reconciled monthly in FMS.

Signing Authority and Accepting Terms: EMCC employees DO NOT have the authority to sign or accept terms, liabilities or conditions on behalf of EMCC or MCCCD. This includes negotiating terms, contracts, agreements, accepting terms, conditions, liabilities, terms of use, end user license agreements or any other document that holds EMCC or MCCCD to some legal requirement.

  • The term "contracts" includes a wide range of things. It encompasses documents that are called something else, like agreements, memoranda of understanding, licenses, leases, rentals, sales of used property, purchases, intergovernmental agreements, grants, educational services agreements, and donations. It also includes proposals the District submits to get contracts. 
  • All contracts/agreements must be sent to Fiscal Services for review and approval. Fiscal Services will enter the contract/agreement into the districtwide CLM system for review and approval.
  • All contracts/agreements require a Privacy and Security Questionnaire for Screening (PSQS). Plan accordingly as the contract review process can take up to six weeks for processing.

Conflict of Interest: Any MCCCD employee who has, or whose relative has a substantial interest in any contract with, sale to, purchase from or service for the District shall refrain from participating in any such contract, sale, procurement, or service. Participation includes initiating, signing, or acting in a decision-making role. The procurement of supplies, equipment, or services from any employee of the District is not authorized unless it is made through public competitive bidding. The Purchasing Department is not required to request competitive bids for procurement of small dollar value merely to allow District employees to bid.

Employees as Suppliers: The use of MCCCD employees to provide goods or services is strongly discouraged. Only in cases in which it is proven that the employee is able to provide the goods or service at a lower cost will the purchase be made. ANY purchases from an employee should show evidence of competition and be approved in advance by Fiscal Services and District Purchasing. A minimum of three written quotes must be obtained. Approval from Fiscal Services is required prior to committing to any services or purchase. An employee is considered an employee for one year after separation date for purchasing policy.

Purchasing Levels of Competition for Goods and Services

  • Under $5.000
    • $0.01 to $5,000
    • One (1) written bid/quote required
    • Bid/quotes requested by College Division
  • $5,000 to $100,000
    • $5,000.01 to $1000,000
    • Three (3) written bids/quotes required
    • Bid/quotes requested by College or District Purchasing
  • Greater than $100,000
    • Formal process coordinated by District Purchasing via Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal (RFP)

Competition Waiver Request: Products or services may be purchased without competition if there is documentation that there is limited suitable options available. Competition Wavier purchasing should be avoided whenever possible and must be approved by Fiscal Services and District Purchasing prior to creation of the requisition. Competition Waiver Request form.

FMS Tutorials can be found in your Employee Learning Center through Resources>Technology Training Materials>Financial Management System

* It is the responsibility of the Requester and Approver to ensure all MCCCD Administrative Regulations and MCCCD & EMCC Purchasing and Procard Policies/Guidelines are adhered to; failure to comply with the policies/guidelines may result in retraining, suspension or revocation of purchasing ability.*