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Unauthorized Purchase

Per the MCCCD Purchasing Procedures Manual, an unauthorized purchase is:

A. An "Unauthorized Purchase" is an agreement, a commitment, or an order for goods or services, or a change to existing contract by any person who does not have express written delegation of procurement authority to bind MCCCD. This includes changes under existing contracts that are made by persons who do not have delegated purchasing authority. Unauthorized purchases are not binding on MCCCD and the vendor may be advised to seek payment from the employee.

B. Unauthorized Purchases include:

  1. Placing an order without an approved Purchase Order.
  2. Placing an order either before or after submitting the requisition on the assumption that a PO has or will be approved.
  3. Over spending the authorized amount of a Blanket Purchase order.
  4. Coercing a vendor to initiate an order on the promise that a PO is forthcoming.
  5. Using personal funds to make a purchase of goods or services that would normally require the involvement of purchasing to secure competition, approve sole source or otherwise comply with MCCCD policy and procedure with the intent to seek personal reimbursement.

MCCCD Purchasing Procedures Manual

Approval for Unauthorized Purchase:

  1. Division/requisitioner completes Unauthorized Purchase Form and attaches quote/invoice
  2. Division/requisitioner routes Unauthorized Purchase Form for signatures - Supervisor, Vice President and Fiscal Director
  3. Division/requisitioner scans approved Unauthorized Purchase Form
  4. Division/requisitioner creates a FMS requisition for the unauthorized purchase and attaches approved Unauthorized Purchase Form and invoice/quote
  5. Fiscal Services will review and determine if additional purchase training is required
  6. Fiscal Services will create purchase order to pay for unauthorized purchase