Human Resources

Faculty Payroll


Human Resources provide support to Faculty by offering the following services:

  • Instructional Staffing
  • Analytical Data
  • Adjunct Faculty Hiring
  • Training

Verifying Faculty Pay 

MCCCD strives to pay its employees correctly and timely.  Please use the downloads above  “Faculty Pay Calculator” and “Instructional Pay Calendar”  to verify that your pay is accurate.  These tools have been created to assist you in understanding how instructional pay is calculated and how it is paid out.  If your paycheck stub reflects a different amount or you feel there is an error on your paycheck, please contact the EM HR Office at 623.935.8817 or via email at:                                                              for assistance.

Contract Paid Employees

For assistance in locating your contract pay details please Click Here

Entering Faculty Substitute Pay 


The video will require you to download a free add-on and then you'll be able to view the video

This video is also available in the ELC.

Please click here for Sub Pay FAQ's.