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Supervisor FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions from our guests. Can't find a relevant FAQ? Contact us via email at or give us a call at the EMCC HR Hotline (623) 935-8817. Who knows, we might just use your question on our website. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

All Non-Exempt, Exempt, Faculty, and Non-Exempt Shift employees are required to have an assigned work schedule in HCM.

Please see below for the available QRC guides on how to assign a schedule:

Non-Exempt Employees include Professional Staff Association (PSA), Maintenance and Operations (M&O), Crafts and Public Safety employees that are responsible for reporting exception time or additional time over 40 hours per week.

Assigned work schedules should only be updated when a schedule is going to change for a long period of time i.e. summer and fall work schedules.

Please see below for the available QRC guides on how to assign a schedule:

The most recent information on T&L deadlines can be found here

Yes, there are several training manuals and tutorials available.  They can be found on the District Technology Training page under Human Capital Management (HCM).

You can also view QRC guides on our EMCC HR website:

Yes, you can modify/approve time up to the last pay period.  If modifications need to be done to prior pay periods an Absence Adjustment form must be completed and submitted to EMCC HR.

If you are an alternate approver for another manger, you will be able to view their employees as well.  You should only approve your direct reports, unless instructed to approve on someone else’s behalf.

If you are having issues viewing an employee's time, please call the HR Hotline at 623-935-8817 or email the HR DL at: