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Supervisor FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions from our guests. Can't find a relevant FAQ? Contact us via email at or give us a call at the EMCC HR Hotline (623) 935-8817. Who knows, we might just use your question on our website. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

  • Access the PAR Form  
  • Department creates the PAR, obtain the proper signatures ( Supervisor, Vice President, Business Manager, and President) 
  • PAR is returned to HR
  • HR checks PAR for completion of information and forwards it to District Employee Services for final processing

(Do not hesitate to contact EMCC HR @ or 623-935-8817 for help with the PAR)

  • Submit a Helpdesk request to the Human Resources office with the intent to hire.
  • Have the employee come to Human Resource office to complete the New Hire Packet.
  • The Human Resource department will enter the new employee information in the system. After the employee information has been entered, the Human Resource office will send the hiring manager the EMPL ID with instructions to move forward with the hiring process via helpdesk system
  • The hiring manager or designee creates the RPS in HRMS and routes for online approvals
  • Once all the approvals are completed, the new employee can begin working

***Click here to watch the tutorial on how to create an RPS.

(***Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to view tutorial***)

You can view the Adjunct Hiring Process by clicking here

Please note, since the upgrade from HRMS to HCM, the TimeKeeper role is no longer available

*Please note since the upgrade from HRMS to HCM, the Alternate Approver role is no longer available. You can now assign a Delegate.

When you will be out of the office, and/or unable to perform these approver transactions, you can assign a Delegate (a Proxy) in HCM to review, edit, and approve Payable Time and Absence Requests. You can delegate different transactions to different people.

Please view Approvers Assign and Revoke Delegation QRC Guide for more information

All Non-Exempt, Exempt, Faculty, and Non-Exempt Shift employees are required to have an assigned work schedule in HCM.

Please see below for the available QRC guides on how to assign a schedule:

Non-Exempt Employees include Professional Staff Association (PSA), Maintenance and Operations (M&O), Crafts and Public Safety employees that are responsible for reporting exception time or additional time over 40 hours per week.

Assigned work schedules should only be updated when a schedule is going to change for a long period of time i.e. summer and fall work schedules.

Please see below for the available QRC guides on how to assign a schedule:

The most recent information on T&L deadlines can be found here