Human Resources

Supervisor FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions from our guests. Can't find a relevant FAQ? Contact us via email at or give us a call at the EMCC HR Hotline (623) 935-8817. Who knows, we might just use your question on our website. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Since the time was not entered and approved by the absence management deadline, it will not be included in the current pay period.  It will be automatically included in the following pay period.

A completed supervisor separation checklist must be submitted for every employee that is separating. For more information about how to separate an employee, please visit our separation process page.

If your hired your employee within the middle of a pay period, their web clock will not show in HCM until the beginning of the following pay period. Have the employee keep track of their hours as they will need to be inputted in their timesheet by their supervisor (until their web clock is available).