Deliveries to Campus

ALL* deliveries/shipments to the campus must be received by Jim Kreipel in the Receiving area at the Physical Plant.  Please inform all suppliers making deliveries to the campus, that ALL deliveries must be received by the Receiving area which can be easily accessed from Thomas road.  Receiving plays a significant role in the procurement process which includes verifying purchases against purchase orders or ProCard holders, and delivering items to the campus.  

*excluding catering and water deliveries


  • Remind suppliers that they must include the PO # or ProCard – Cardholder Name and contact person on the packing slip.
  • Contact Jim if you are expecting a large shipment.
  • If items are picked up from supplier or the supplier delivers directly to Requisitioner, the Requisitioner must provide Jim with a copy of the packing slip or supporting documentation. A copy of the packing slip is provided to the requester with every delivery.
  • The requester or designee signature is required at time of delivery.

Online Receiving

  • Receiving is an important part of the purchasing process.

  • When purchase order items are online received it allows any invoices to be paid against the purchase order.  Online receiving is the equivalent to doing an "ok to pay" email on an invoice.

  • Per the established invoicing procedures, items are online received within twenty-four hours of delivery to the requester. The requester should send an email to Jim, within twenty-four hours of delivery, if the items have been damaged, a shortage/overage or substituted items were received in the delivery. When online receiving is completed, it signifies that the items match those listed on the packing slip which must also match the items on the purchase order.

  • If you receive an Oracle Alert (CFS) titled: "OA007 Missing Receiving Information Alert" send an email to Jim Kreipel providing delivery status of the items requiring online receiving referenced in alert.

Shipping via FedEx

EMCC currently has an account with FedEx for our shipping needs.  FedEx envelopes/boxes and airbills are available through Receiving. 

If you need to send a package or envelope via FedEx, follow these steps:

  1. Complete a pre-printed FedEx airbill and pack/seal contents in envelope or FedEx shipping box.  The following envelopes/boxes are available through Receiving:
    • FedEx Envelope (with built-in pouch)
    • FedEx Large Pak
    • FedEx Large and Medium Box
  2. Deliver the envelope or box to Receiving. If package is too large or heavy contact Receiving for assistance.
  3. Items delivered prior to 12:00 p.m. will be picked up by FedEx the same day.  Any deliveries after 12:00 p.m. will go out the next business day.
  4. When dropping off the package, provide Receiving with any special instructions or if the package needs to be insured (automatically insured for $100).
  5. Please do not drop off package without Steve checking in the package. If there is any incomplete information on the package, it will not be sent.
  6. Fed Ex online allows you to track your package with the tracking number.