Travel - Under Construction

Travel for Maricopa employees is governed by Administrative Regulation 1.15, a subsection of the Fiscal Management Administrative Regulation. It is the responsibility of the Fiscal Services to ensure that travel policies are followed as well as educate travelers on these policies. The information below will help travelers navigate Maricopa's travel policies and provide a roadmap to the travel authorization and travel reimbursement (expense report) process.

Annual Travel Acknowledgement

Each fiscal year, travelers must complete the Annual Travel Acknowledgement. If you do not complete the Annual Travel Acknowledgement, you will not be approved to travel.

Travel Authorization

In order to be in approved travel status the traveler must complete and submit for signatures, a Travel Authorization online through FMS.  Without Fiscal Services approval and a T#, you are not authorized to travel.

Travel Funds

Prior to traveling, the traveler must have approved funding. Travel funding for conferences, workshops and seminars are supported by MCCCD employee policy groups. The funding application process for these groups are now a part of the travel authorization request through FMS.

If you have any questions about the travel process or policies please review the FAQ pages and if further assistance is needed please feel free to contact Fiscal Services.