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COVID-19 Update: The EMCC campus is open for classes, appointments, and walk-in services. Masks are required for everyone inside ALL buildings at EMCC.  All student support services are still available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.

Cash Advance

Cash Advance

In order to assure that all off campus student activities and travel are within the course and scope of the EMCC's mission, and that student safety issues have been addressed, all activities/travel must be approved in advance by an appropriate administrator. Cash advances are under the Administrative Regulations 1.15 policy and must be submitted via FMS. 

Cash Advance Guidelines

  • A cash advance can only be requested for an off campus student activity/travel

  • Faculty/chaperone is responsible for compliance to Administrative Regulations 1.15 and to follow all cash advance guidelines

  • The cash advance can only be used for approved activity/travel expenses including registration/entrance fees, per diem, parking and ground transportation

  • Student per diem can be requested for off campus student activity/travel that is outside Maricopa County or out of state. Per diem is calculated at 80% of the Employee Per Diem rate

  • Student athlete per diem is $23.00 a day or $6-breakfast, $7-lunch, and  $10-dinner for In-State travel and calculated at 80% of the Employee per diem rate for Out-of-State travel

  • The cash advance must be requested via FMS and linked to FMS Travel Authorization

  • The cash advance must be requested under the primary faculty/chaperone and match the travel authorization for the off campus student activity/travel

  • Faculty/chaperone is responsible for reconciliation of the cash advance including depositing unused cash with Student Business Services 

  • Faculty/chaperone is responsible for submitting FMS Expense Report

  • Food purchase for an off campus student activity/travel within Maricopa County is not considered per diem and must be supported by an Official Function Form

Cash Advance FMS Process

The cash advance is requested via FMS and linked to the FMS Travel Authorization.

  1. Login to FMS

  2. Navigate to: FMS > MainMenu > EmployeeSelfService > TravelandExpenses > CashAdvance > Create/Modify > Add
  3. Cash Advance Instructions
  4. Attach the following documents to support the cash advance:
    1. Conference/workshop/team competition information showing what, when and where
    2. Per diem worksheet listing all students and faculty/chaperone
  5. Submit cash advance for approval

Distribution of Cash Advance

The cash advance is disbursed to the faculty/chaperone within 2 business days from approval. Cash advance is disbursed through the HCM payment process in the same manner as the faculty/chaperone's payroll distribution. The faculty/chaperone will need to either cash the check or withdraw funds to distribute cash. 

Cash for Per Diem

Faculty/chaperone uses Per Diem Worksheet to disburse cash for student per diem and collects required signatures.

Cash for Other Expenses

Faculty/chaperone is responsible for all cash and original receipts related to non per diem expenses. Faculty/chaperone can use their personal credit card to pay for non per diem expense, if they do not want to carry cash. 

Cash Advance Reconciliation

Reconciliation of a cash advance is required through an FMS Expense Report upon return.

Reconciling Cash Advance

  1. Organize per diem spreadsheet, original receipts and cash
  2. Return unused cash to EMCC Student Business Services for deposit, the departmental receipt will be emailed to you to attach to the FMS Expense Report
  3. Create FMS Expense Report from the approved FMS Travel Authorization corresponding with the cash advance to be reconciled