Cash Advance

Cash Advance

A cash advance can only be used for group travel.  Per the Administrative Regulations, group travel consists of students traveling together for a common event or purpose with at least one MCCCD employee. A cash advance will be approved only in limited instances, such as student groups, class trips, student clubs and organizations, or athletic teams.

It is the advisor/employee’s responsibility to comply with Administrative Regulations when requesting a cash advance.

  1. Per Diem is requested separately through a Cash Advance.  Complete and submit for approval the Cash Advance request found in FMS on the Estrella Mountain Website under Employees

           Login to FMS

           Navigate to: FMS>MainMenu>EmployeeSelfService>TravelandExpenses>CashAdvance>Create/Modify>Add

  1. Cash Advance Instructions
  2. Attach the following documents to support travel authorization and cash advance
  • Conference/workshop/team competition information showing what, when and where

  • A list of employees and students participating in the trip must be attached to the travel authorization

  • Per diem worksheet with all travelers names and amounts

It is the responsibility of the employee to adhere to the following Cash Advance Guidelines:

  • Cash advance can only be used for approved travel purchases – see Administrative Regulations
  • Employee is responsible for disbursing cash and obtaining required signatures
  • Employee is responsible for all original receipts
  • Employee is responsible for reconciling unused funds from cash advance with Cashiers
  • Employee is responsible for reconciling cash advance via Expense Report


  1. Once approved, cash advance funds are disbursed to employee within 48 business hours separate from payroll allotment

Distribution of per diem allotment

  1. Cash the check or withdraw funds to distribute
  2. Use student per diem worksheet to track disbursed funds
  3. Distribute cash to student/faculty/staff and have them sign per diem worksheet acknowledging receipt of funds
  4. NO meal receipts are required for per diem

Other Expenses approved in cash advance (Not Per Diem)

  1. All expenses must have original receipts
  2. Other expenses can be paid by credit card, original receipts are required

Reconciling Cash Advance

  1. Organize per diem spreadsheet, original receipts and cash
  2. Return unused cash to EMCC cashiers for deposit, the departmental receipt will be emailed to you to attach to the expense report
  3. Create expense report

Reconciliation of cash advance is required through an expense report upon return