Driving vs Flying

Flying is the preferred method of travel for Maricopa employees/students traveling out-of-state only.  It is the travelers responsibility to justify driving versus flying by providing a cost comparison.

(For in-state and out-of-county travel, the traveler will always drive)

Maricopa uses the State of Arizona Accounting Manual to determine per diem and mileage reimbursement, which states that the mileage reimbursement rate is forty-four and one-half cents per mile.

When driving instead of flying the traveler will:

  • Attach a round trip airfare quote

  • Attach a map showing round trip mileage -Google Maps

  • Calculate mileage at $0.445/mile

  • Compare airfare quote and mileage calculation to determine lowest cost

    • If airfare quote is less and driving is still preferred, the college will only reimburse up to airfare quote

  • Attach airfare quote, map and mileage calculation to travel authorization