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Driving vs Flying

Per the Administrative Regulation 1.15.6 Transportation - Reimbursement will be made only for the method of transportation that is in the best interest of the College/District considering the travel expense as well as the traveler's time.

Travel within the State of Arizona

Travel outside Maricopa county should follow the Mileage process.

EMCC does not provide reimbursement for travel within Maricopa county. Campus Vehicles are available for employees.

Travel outside the State of Arizona

Flying is the preferred method of travel when traveling out-of-state. If the traveler prefers to drive their personal vehicle, they will be required to provide justification for driving versus flying. The following additional documentation is required to justify driving versus flying and will need to be include in the FMS Travel Authorization (TA):

  • Obtain a round trip airfare quote for the dates of travel

  • Use Google Maps to get round trip mileage from EMCC or home (which ever is closer) to destination 

  • Use round trip mileage total and multiply against the mileage rate of $0.445/mile

  • Compare airfare quote and mileage calculation to determine lowest cost

    • If airfare quote is less and driving is still preferred, the college will only reimburse up to airfare quote

  • Attach airfare quote, map and mileage calculation to travel authorization under Attachments

  • Add Note to TA providing justification for driving versus flying