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Expense Report

Per the Travel Administrative Regulation 1.15, all travelers are responsible for submitting their FMS expense report within 30 days of the end travel date or contact Fiscal to cancel the FMS travel authorization (if travel not taken or conference was cancelled AND there were no expenses).

ALL FMS travel authorizations (TA) must be reconciled via a FMS expense report even if there is no reimbursement.


Login to FMS

Navigate to MainMenu>EmployeeSelfService>TravelandExpenses>Expense Report>Create/Modify>Add

Expense Report Instructions

Expense reports must have the following supporting documentation for all travel related expenses

  • Registration: receipt with traveler name, amount and method of payment

  • Airfare: receipt with traveler name, departure and arrival dates/times and method of payment

  • Mileage: if personal vehicle used, map showing round trip miles and the original airfare quote attached to approved TA

  • Lodging: hotel folio (receipt) with traveler name, breakdown of daily room rate, taxes and fees, amount paid and method of payment

  • Parking: receipt with dates and amount

  • Baggage: receipt with dates and amount 

  • Ground transportation: receipt with dates and amount excluding tips

  • Conference/Meeting schedule/agenda: daily schedule and activities including dates, meals and conference end and start times

  • Per Diem: receipts for per diem/meals are not required. Per diem allowance is based on meals provided and travel departure/return times.

    • If flying, per diem is calculated two hours before flight departure time (from AZ) and one and half hours after flight arrival time (to AZ).

    • If driving, per diem is calculated based on departure from home and/or duty post and return to home and/or duty post.

    • Per diem is calculated based on the following for departure/return times:

      • Breakfast before 7:00 am/ returns after 9:00 am

      • Dinner before 5:00 pm/ returns after 7:00 pm

      • Lunch before 11:30 am/ returns after 1:30 pm

If a college ProCard was used to pay any travel expenses, add the Procard cardholders name to the description line under attachments for each expense paid by Procard.

ALL expenses (except meals) must have a receipt attached for reimbursement. If expenses are paid by a college Procard, the receipts/supporting documents need to be the same as the those used by the Procard holder for the Procard reconciliation.

IMPORTANT: To view Expenses NOT Allowed, click on the link to the left under Expense Report

EXPENSE REPORT may not be required - only if travel was not taken or conference was cancelled AND there were no expenses. See travel authorization for instructions or contact Fiscal Services for more information.