Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

COVID-19 Update: The EMCC campus is open for classes, appointments, and walk-in services. Masks are required for everyone inside ALL buildings at EMCC.  All student support services are still available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.

Out of State Off Campus Activity and Travel

Out of State:

In order to assure that all off campus student activities and travel are within the course and scope of the EMCC's mission, and that student safety issues have been addressed, all activities/travel must be approved in advance by an appropriate administrator.  

Off Campus Student Activity/Travel Outside State of Arizona

Requests for an off campus student activity/travel outside the State of Arizona must be submitted a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to departure date.

Use of College Vehicle for Off Campus Student Activity

  • Campus vehicles are available for off campus student activity/travel
  • Faculty or chaperone must reserve college vehicle
  • Faculty or chaperone must drive college vehicle. Students are not allowed to drive college vehicles
  • Vehicle Reservations
  • Off campus student activity/travel for out of state must have an approved FMS Travel Authorization prior to requesting a college vehicle

FMS Travel Authorization

  • Only one FMS Travel Authorization is required for the student activity/travel and is created under the primary faculty/chaperone
  • Primary faculty/chaperone FMS Travel Authorization should include all expenses related to activity/travel for primary faculty/chaperone and students
  • If other MCCCD/EMCC employees are attending/chaperoning student activity/travel, the employee will be required to submit their own FMS Travel Authorization, if activity/travel is outside Maricopa County
  • An approved Off Campus Student Activity Non Class Form  must be attached to FMS Travel Authorization
  • Class/Student roster/list and faculty/chaperone list must be attached to the FMS Travel Authorization
  • A FMS Cash Advance can be requested for off campus student activity/travel expenses including registration/entrance fees, per diem, parking and ground transportation for outside of Maricopa County or out of state
  • Student per diem can be requested through the FMS Cash Advance for off campus student activity/travel that is outside Maricopa County or out of state. Per diem is calculated at 80% of the Employee Per Diem rate
  • The cash advance must be requested under the primary faculty/chaperone and match the travel authorization for the off campus student activity/travel