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Step by Step

Click Here for the travel authorization quick reference guide from District.

The Travel Authorization must be in the employee's name who is traveling.

Quick Reference Travel Authorization Steps: For full instructions click Here

1. Login to FMS

2. Navigate to: FMS > Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > Travel Authorizations > Create/Modify > Add

3. Select Business Purpose

4. In Description, enter name of activity. EX: 2019 HACU Annual Conference

5. Select Location (if city is not listed, select closest city or county)

6. Input dates – travel dates must be the departure and return dates. These dates may include personal days even if no time off is taken.

7. Add Expense lines for all expenses including:

  • Airfare - Expense quote equals lowest airfare quote (basic economy, wanna get away) increased by 25%
  • Lodging –  Include taxes and required fees (ex. Resort fees) Only one line for Lodging expense is necessary.
  • Registration - Use this expense for Out-of-County/Out-of-State travel (Residential Faculty working towards salary advancement will not include this expense on TA)
  • Registration In-County  -  Use this expense for activities in Maricopa County
  • Baggage  -  Maricopa will pay for one standard checked bag each way
  • Ground Transportation - Expense cap $100, expense report actual amount spent
  • Parking  -  Includes: Airport long-term economy parking $12.00, parking at hotel if driving car, In-County required parking
  • Per Diem  -  add an expense line for each travel day, excluding personal days, the expense amount will auto-populate with the city’s per diem rate of the city entered
  • Mileage (if driving) - expense line calculates this automatically when completing mileage for TA.  (EMCC does not reimburse mileage for In-County travel)
  • Mileage vs Airfare  -  Only enter one expense line for Mileage, enter the number of miles that would equal the lesser amount

8. Description Field – if to be paid by Procard or PO, indicate here and include card holder’s name, then enter specific expense details Note: both Description and Notes are required for TAs

9. Payment Type

  • Empl Reimbursed - traveler using own funds (always select this for Per Diems)
  • Maricopa Prepaid - travel expenses paid by Procard or Purchase Order (a PO may be required for registration when the only acceptable form of payment is a check).
  • Third Party Paid – reserved for Non-PG travel when NO MCCCD funds will be used

10. Amount -  enter expense amount/quote for every expense line

  • For Lodging - Enter the number of nights and nightly rate to include taxes and required fees under Billing Type and Location first. 
  • Amount field will then auto-calculate.

11. Click on Billing Type for every expense line and choose either PG or NON-PG

12. Click Accounting Details to verify account string is correct and includes the FUNCTION

  • Account number auto-populates, for in-county and in-state travel-change to 56510
  • If using Professional Growth funds, the Fund must be 110. Change if necessary
  • If using Professional Growth funds the Department number will reflect your employment class – to verify Department number is correct see Funding for PG on the left
  • Function- click on look up icon and choose Function that relates to your department’s main function and not your activity
  • If NOT using Professional Growth funds, verify Fund and Department are correct with Budget Manager and edit the fields as necessary

13. Click Save for Later - Remember to "SAVE" periodically

14. Click on Attachments at the top under the Date From and Date To and add your attachments

Travel Authorization Supporting Documentation – FMS TAs are required to have supporting documentation (PDF) attached identifying the details of the travel including the what, when and where.

  1. Business Purpose (most common purposes):
  • Conference brochures, announcements, program/schedule, itinerary, etc.
  • Business meeting announcement, agenda, etc.
  • Training/workshop announcement, agenda, program/schedule, etc.
  • Group Travel announcement, agenda, program/schedule, Class/Organization Field Trip, etc.
  • Other - any combination of documentation to support the business purpose
  • All supporting documentation must include location, dates, times, etc.
  1. Lodging – identifies conference designated hotel, rates, location, alternative hotels OR lodging that meets the State of Arizona lodging rates
  2. Registration – registration rates, pre-conference session dates and rate
  3. Airfare  - identifies airline, destination, dates and time (Note: Estimate number is allowed to include a 25% markup from attached document to accommodate for change in airfare)
  4. 2nd Airfare Quote - may be required to include personal days, if taking personal days and using Professional Growth funds. Contact PG for requirements
  5. Mileage - Google Map or Map Quest showing miles of travel (For Out-of-State travel, if driving, then Airfare Quote and Map showing miles will be included, then least amount will be used for reimbursement)
  6. All documents should be in PDF format

15. Click OK

16. Click Save for Later

17. Click Summary and Submit

18. Click the NOTES icon or link at the top of this page under the Date From and Date To

  • Write the justification for travel per TA quick reference guide instructions 
  • Personal Days – the dates of travel must include all days in travel status, if personal days either before or after business travel purpose, the days must be identified in the Notes
  • Click Add Notes and then click OK
  • Click Save for Later

19. Click summary and Submit

20. Check mark the box to confirm your travel expenses comply with Travel Administrative  Regulations 1.15

  • The travel acknowledgment certifies that the travel arrangements are for approved business or professional development purposes, and that you will follow the per diem schedule and other regulations related to MCCCD travel.

21. Click the now orange Submit Travel Authorization button

22. Click OK to confirm  (Last step- if you do not click OK, your TA is not submitted)


  • Have you attached all supporting documentation under Attachments
  • Have you entered Comments under Notes including personal days or driving vs flying
  • Have you verified the account strings for all expenses

How to track your TA through Approvals – See Approval Process to the left

If using a Procard, each traveler is required to forward their approved travel email along with the Accounting Details (chartfield string paying for travel) to the Procard holder prior to booking and paying for expenses.