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The District Tournament Account supports travel, registration/entry fees, lodging, subsistence, and travel related eligible expenses associated with the team or student/college activity.

The District Support Services Center (DSSC) funds the District Tournament Account.  College allocated funds will support the initial competitions and activities. 

District Tournament Guidelines

  •     Travel Activities – Competition that requires travel outside of Maricopa County.
  •     Hosting Activities – Competition activities sponsored by one of the MCCCD Colleges

All eligible hosting activities must complete a “District Tournament Account Hosting Activity Application” prior to being eligible to utilize funding from the District Tournament Account. 

Travel Activities - Complete the Intent to Participate Request Form and an expense worksheet and submit to Marian Dean and Victor Reyes at District and cc Fiscal Services.

Include the following:


  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Registration
  • Baggage
  • Ground Transportation
  • Parking
  • Per Diem (include both advisor and student per diem amounts)
  • Mileage (If driving)


  • Conference Information showing what, when and where
  • Conference Hotel Rate
  • Conference Registration Rate
  • Conference Agenda/Schedule/Itinerary (found in a brochure, website, email, etc.)
  • Airfare Quote (Note: Estimate number is allowed to include a 25% markup from attached document to accommodate the change in airfare)
  • Google Map showing miles of travel (If driving then Airfare Quote and Map showing miles will be included, then least amount will be used for reimbursement)

If approved to use tournament funds, complete and submit a FMS Travel Authorization and FMS Cash Advance request and include the approval email.

MCCCD travel requirements are established within the MCCCD Administrative Regulation “1.15 Travel.”  All travel expenses incurred must adhere to this administrative regulation to be considered eligible expenses.