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Travel Authorization

Travel for Maricopa employees is governed by  Administrative Regulation 1.15, a subsection of the Fiscal Management Administrative Regulation.  Maricopa employees are required to be in approved travel status before traveling. Per the Travel Administrative Regulation 1.15, the most economical means must be applied to travel and reimbursement. The information below will provide a roadmap to the travel authorization process.

Approved Travel Status:

For a college employee to be in approved travel status, the employee must be conducting official college/district business with authorization as stated in section 1.15.3 Approval Authority and have an approved FMS Travel Authorization (TA) completed and approved prior to travel.  No college/district obligation exists to reimburse any employee for travel costs unless traveler is in an approved travel status prior to trip departure.  Approved travel status begins when the employee receives the FMS generated email approval TA notification.  The TA must be in the employee's name who is traveling.

Per Administrative Regulation, a FMS travel authorization (TA) is required for all of the following:

  1. In-County travel with expenses
  2. Out-of-County travel
  3. Out-of-State travel
  4. International travel

Allowable Travel Expenses:

  1. Registration
  2. Airfare
  3. Lodging
  4. Mileage
  5. Baggage
  6. Per Diem
  7. Ground Transportation
  8. Parking

Non Allowable Travel Expenses:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Airfare - preferred seating, early check in
  3. Additional bags
  4. Expenses related to personal days (traveler can take personal days either before or after conference dates, these personal days must be identified in the TA Notes, view TA instructions for more information)
  5. See Expenses Not Allowed for complete list

Travel Authorization Supporting Documentation

FMS TAs are required to have supporting documentation outline the details of the travel. Documents should be PDF and include all details related to the travel:

  1. Conference/Business/Training: conference brochure or email (including conference name, location and dates) and program/schedule/agenda/itinerary showing daily schedule and pre-conference information (if applicable) 
  2. Conference Registration: conference documentation including all registration fees and including pre-conference rates (if applicable) 
  3. Conference Hotel/Lodging: documentation showing per night rate, taxes (can be estimate) and additional fees. Total per night expense should include rate, taxes and fee.  
  4. Airfare: airfare quote should be the most economical means (basic economy/wanna get away - no seat selection at time of booking) and include rate, destination, dates, and times.
    • Airfare estimate may include a 25% increase (above documented rate) to allow for possible rate increases while TA is getting approved.
    • Traveler must select basic economy (main cabin is not basic economy), if basic economy is not available, additional documentation will be required for the next available rate up to main cabin.
    • Fees associated with: preferred seating, seat assignment, early boarding, extra baggage, etc are not reimbursable fees under the policy and should not be included in airfare quote.
    • NOTE: Airlines, such as American Airlines, Delta, United and Frontier, charge additional fees for seat assignment, the traveler is not required to select a seat as a seat will be assigned by the airline at no additional fee.
    • Fiscal suggests not using travel sites (Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia, etc) since these sites do not always show basic economy. 
  5. Mileage: Include justification for driving versus flying. Google Map or Map Quest showing miles of travel (if driving, then both airfare quote and map showing miles will be included, then least amount will be used for reimbursement)

REMINDER:  It is the traveler's responsibility to create and submit a FMS travel authorization (TA) well in advance to allow for all approvers to review and approve the TA in time for reservations and travel. 


Procard is a purchasing credit card that can be used to pay for registration, airfare, and lodging. Each division/department support can assist the traveler with these expenses after the traveler has an approved TA.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to complete a TA and determine travel arrangements; then work with their support to pay the expense. Note: Procard cannot be used to pay additional airfare fees (seating, early boarding, etc.) 

Unauthorized Travel

It is the traveler's responsibility to create and submit a FMS travel authorization well in advance to allow for all approvers to review and approve the TA in time for reservations and travel. 

It is considered an unauthorized travel if an employee travels before their TA has been approved and they have received the approval email.

Cancel or Close a Travel Authorization:

A Travel Authorization may be canceled or closed if there were no costs, travel was not taken or conference was canceled AND there were no expenses. Contact Fiscal Services to close TA after verifying that no Maricopa funds were used.