Black History Month | Be Black & Shine

Black History Month Flyer

Be Black and Shine is an opportunity for African Americans to gather to learn methods to promote the academic and professional success of Black students, faculty, staff, and administrators through the Maricopa Council on Black American Affairs (MCBAA). It is about us willingly stepping into the spotlight created for us in the world of academia.

Speaker: Dr. Vashi Worley  (Executive Director, MCBAA)

Published Recording

Webex meeting recording: BHAM '22 - Be Black & Shine - 2_02

Password: jZJ9MSbC

Recording link:

About the National Council on Black American Affairs
The National Council on Black American Affairs (NCBAA) is a council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). The NCBAA evolved over 30 years ago, during a time of great social, political, cultural, and educational change in the United States. African Americans and other groups that were underrepresented traditionally were enrolling in increasing numbers. Community colleges were being established at the rate of one per week.
In 1968, an ad hoc Black Caucus was organized during the Annual Convention of AACC, to address the changing needs in higher education. That caucus became the NCBAA — one of the first affiliated councils of AACC.
The National Council on Black American Affairs serves as a collaborative voice, promoting the academic success of African American students, faculty, staff and administrators.
NCBAA’s national council is a driving force in the advocacy of equal accessibility to college for members of the black community.