Facility Rental

Estrella Conference Center

Estrella Hall Conference Center - Classroom Style
Estrella Hall Conference Center - Classroom Style

Adjacent to Estrella Hall is the Estrella Conference Center, a free standing building capable of hosting community and campus events. The interior meeting space is:

  • usable as a divisible or single room.
  • capable of accommodating theater-style, classroom-style or banquet seating events.
  • practical for pre-event preparation, including a staging kitchen for catering with an ice-machine, refrigerator and microwave.
  • functional for registration and reception activities in the large lobby, with restroom facilities.

Estrella Conference Center Seating Capacity

Seating Style  Entire Space                    Half Space        

Theater Style (rows of chairs only)

 up to 320 seats  

up to 150 seats                        

Banquet Style (5' by 5' squares with 8 seats/table)                                                                                   

up to 240 seats                                    

up to 96 seats        

Classroom Style (tables and chairs in rows)

up to 132 seats up to 56 seats

Estrella Conference Center Rental Fees

Fee Type


Additional Information

Conference Center  (All) 


Requires a 4 hour minimum rental.

Conference Center (Half)       


Requires a 4 hour minimum rental.

Event Coordination Fee           


Included on all Facility Use Agreements.  

Media Personnel    


Media Personnel will set up and test media equipment prior to any event.  

Set Up Fee  


Charged if the current room setup is adjusted and/or outside of the normal space setup. 

Clean Up Fee


Charged when the event requires additional clean up and/or food service is included in the event.