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Learning Studios for Rent

Standard Learning Classroom
Standard Learning Classroom

Learning Studios (classrooms) are a great option for those looking to hold workshops or training sessions.  The Learning Studios are available for rent based on accessibility around class schedules at EMCC.  Each Learning Studio comes equipped with a computer (that includes internet access) and overhead projection. Several of the classrooms are equipped with student laptops and have a typical capacity of 32 people.  Classrooms equipped with laptops are classified as Technology Classrooms and do have an addition fee associated with the room rental.

Learning Studio/Classroom Rental Fees  
Fee Type Fee Additional Information
Standard Classroom                                                        $55/hour                                                Internet access for the instructor station only.                                                                                      
Technology Classroom                                                    $110/hour                                               Internet access for each participant laptop and the instructor station.                                                 
Event Coordination Fee                                                  $35                                                         Included on all Facility Use Agreements.                                                                                             
Media Personnel                                                             $35/hour                                                

Media Personnel fee applies if media technician is requested for help with event media needs.        

Set Up Fee                         


Charged if a set up is needed other than the typical set up.              

Clean Up Fee                                         


Charged when the event requires additional clean up.