Facility Rental

Steps to Renting Facilities at Estrella Mountain

Estrella Mountain Community College has many spaces available to rent for your business needs.  The facilities on campus can accommodate both small gatherings and groups up to 300 people.  See steps below for additional details.


To arrange rental of facilities, email us at dl-emc-eventrequests@estrellamountain.edu or call the Business Services Office at (623) 935-8248 with the following information:

  • Type of meeting you are having
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Room layout needs
  • Media needs
  • Date and time of event(s) and alternate if possible

With this information, we can recommend an appropriate space, as available, and tentatively reserve the space of your choice.

Certificate of Insurance

  • A certificate of insurance is required for all facility rentals. See the "Certificate of Insurance Requirements" link for all requirements.
  • For those renters who do not currently have the minimum level of coverage, the TULIP insurance option is available for purchase. See the  "TULIP Insurance Option" link for additional details.

Insurance specific questions?  Contact the MCCCD Risk Manager at (480) 731-8879.

Facility Use Agreement

The Facility Use Agreement is created by the Estrella Mountain Facilities Scheduler to specify the dates, times and spaces to be rented for the event.  The agreement includes fees, facility rules and procedures and risk policies to be reviewed and signed by a representative of the renting organization.  The agreement must be signed and returned before the event date.

The total rental fee will be assessed based on the event requirements and is included on the agreement. Payment is required at least 2 business days before the event.

Once the event is confirmed, logistical details will be sent directly to your event planner.