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Chow Shares

It is a service that students and employees can sign up for to receive deliveries of seasonal organic locally grown produce. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Simply sign up at the Chow Locally website provided here. After that you simply have to opt-in for a delivery each week.

Yes. Chow shares are sold at a competitive rate for organic food. Each separate delivery now has separate deals:

* Small Box ($16.50; 1 person)

* Regular Box ($21.00; >2 people)

* Large Box ($32.00; >4 people)

You pick up deliveries at the Student Union every Wednesday. The deliveries come between 1:30pm - 6:30pm at the Union. You can also request delivery to your home.

Chow Locally has merged with Blue Sky Organic Farms. For the list of all of the details as well as what this means to you as a customer, please visit Chow Locally's homepage here: