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COVID-19 Update: The EMCC campus will be open for classes, appointments, and walk-in services beginning June 7, 2021. All student support services are still available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.

Walk Jog Route Descriptions

Quarter Mile Route

This route takes one through the heart of campus and begins and ends with a water feature.  It is a very pleasant 0.24 miles.  You can start at either end, but we’ll describe it starting at Ocotillo Hall.  This walk begins at the breeze way next to the turtle pond.  Follow the sidewalk south and east and make a left at the first junction.  Make your way between the Student Union and Skill Center.  After a slight right hand curve continue straight ahead.  Your route will hug Komatke Hall.  Turn left at the bookstore and then right to transit the Image Zone between Estrella Hall and the flag pole.  Turn left towards the Montezuma/Estrella Breeze.  Continue through that arch and bear right.  Finish next to the Montezuma Courtyard Fountain.

Inner Loop Route

As with all the loop routes at EMCC you can begin at any point in the loop.  This is a comfortable 0.4 mile route.  We will begin in the Estrella/ Montezuma Breezeway.  Head north from the breezeway as if you were going to the Public Safety building.  Before reaching the parking lot, turn left onto the sidewalk running between Estrella Hall and the Estella Conference Center.  As you pass the Conference Center bear right to follow along side Estrella Hall.  Turn left into the covered patio on the north side of Estrella Hall and enjoy the expansive views of the lawn and distant mountains.  Don’t lose yourself in the view as you will need to turn right to skirt the lawn and then left between the Skill Center and Mariposa Hall.  Follow this sidewalk into the Ocotillo Hall breezeway.  Then turn left to find the turtle pond.  You may want to pause and enjoy the little ninjas before continuing up the sidewalk to turn left between the Skill Center and Student Union.  Follow the circuitous trail onto the gravel track running through Komatke Courtyard.  Enjoy the sounds of the water fountain and wind in the trees.  As you arrive at the Image Zone and flag pole turn left and finish as you started in the Estrella/Montezuma breezeway.

Sidewalk Loop Route

The description of this 0.9 mile route begins at the Student Union.  However, you can start this route from any point along the loop and still go about the same distance.  From the front door of the Union head southwest towards Parking Lot E.  As you approach the parking lot stay on the sidewalk and turn right.  Take a moment here to appreciate the desert landscaping and the incredible views of the distant White Tanks Mountains.  After passing Ocotillo Hall turn right on the sidewalk and head northeast paralleling the loop road.  Here you can enjoy the wide open spaces and perhaps catch a glimpse of planes in the pattern for Luke AFB.  Continue on the sidewalk until you are forced to make a sharp right turn by Parking Lot A.  Here you get a good look at the façade and landscaping of the new Estrella Hall expansion.  Don’t get caught up in the view because you need to make a sharp left turn at the intersection that would take you into Estrella Hall.  Stay on the sidewalk next to Lot A.  Follow this past Montezuma Hall and the turn right.  Just past Montezuma Hall you will continue straight; leave the sidewalk and transit the gravel area bordering the Image Zone field.  This brief cross country travel can give you a true sense of escape.  Breathe deep and enjoy it.  The route curves right around the Image Zone and picks up the sidewalk again as you head west past Parking Lot C.  Continue on past Komatke Halls and the Physical Plant and turn right on the sidewalk so you can again see the White Tank Mountains.  Follow the sidewalk until you can turn right and finish by the Student Union.  If you continue on to either the Grill in Komatke or the Eco Café in Mariposa you will complete a little over a mile and have the opportunity for a well deserved snack!

Outer Loop Route

This 2 mile loop provides a truly pastoral experience and makes a good lunch time trip.  Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.  Dress shoes would not be appropriate here.  A comfortable walking pace for most people is 20 minutes per mile.  So this will typically take about 40 minutes.

Again, this description begins at the end of the sidewalk leading to the Student Union next to Parking Lot E, but you can start from any building on campus.  From the sidewalk intersection next to Lot E head south towards Thomas Road.  At the public sidewalk paralleling Thomas turn left.  Follow this to Dysart Road and turn left again.  While this section still has a suburban feel, you have escaped the campus environment.  Enjoy the feeling for a few moments.  Continue north along Dysart Road and cross both the exit and entrance roads to campus.  Be sure to watch for traffic.  Becoming “bumper squat” will ruin your whole day.  As you continue north along Dysart Road you begin your transition to an open country experience.  Stay next to Dysart until just before you reach the canal.  Turn left into the field keeping the fence bordering the canal on your right.  You will now be headed west through open country.  There is no clearly defined path.  Just parallel the canal fence and enjoy the opportunity to commune with nature.  Watch for birds of prey, spotted owls, and maybe even a coyote.  Do your best to leave no trace and not disturb the wildlife.  That way they won’t disturb you either!  This section can also be a little brushy.  So you may find yourself zig zagging to find clear walking.  That’s OK.  Enjoy it!  Head west until you almost reach the block wall bordering college land. Shortly before arriving at the wall you will find a faint dirt road heading south towards Thomas Road.  Turn left onto this track.  About two thirds of the way to Thomas it will jog to the right and then continue to the fence bordering Thomas Road.  Turn left at the fence and follow it until you pick up the sidewalk at the entrance to Parking Lot F.  Again, watch for traffic and continue east crossing both parking lot entrances until you can turn left onto the sidewalk leading towards your starting point next to the Student Union.  You may even want to stop into the Union after finishing to sit, rest, and chat with students.  At first they’ll be surprised and wonder if they’re in trouble.  But, I’m sure you’ll put them at ease and let them know that they’re success is our success…..