Non-Credit Group Exercise



Come join us for exercise!

Choose from 8 different styles and 13 sessions!

Group Exercise Class Descriptions:

Body Dynamics

  • An invigorating combination of Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, and Strength Training.

Power Hour

  • An energizing hour of making friends while building strength, agility, and power with group weight training.

Group Circuit

  • Start your day well doing a moderately paced blend of dumb bell, strength, and cardio stations with your new best friends.


  • Come join the party! You'll have so much in this fusion of Latin rhythms and dance, you wont realize you're exercising.


  • Feel the beat and move your way in a blend of Brazilian, Jamaican, Hip-Hop, Old School and Reggae ton dance fitness styles.

Yoga Flow

  • A fluent blend of various yoga and meditation techniques that ease muscle aches and calm the mind for any level of yoga skill.

For more information come by the Student Union or call (623)935-8400 for fitness front desk.