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Virtual Graduation Celebration

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

We know how hard you've worked to reach your educational goal, and we are proud of you. We are here to celebrate the light within you. You bring your light to the world by striving to reach your full potential, and together, we can light the way toward a better future for everyone in our community.

Welcome Message from EMCC President, Dr. Rey Rivera

You have achieved a great educational milestone, Mountain Lions, and you are the pride of our college.

Graduating from college is a huge achievement. Our graduation theme this year is, 'Our light is sparked. Our future is bright.' And despite all that you've experienced during your last semester at Estrella Mountain, your light has never diminished.

Not only are we proud, but we are absolutely in awe of your accomplishments.

Commencement Speech, Student Representative, Shadai Garcia

Class of 2020, we have achieved great things, so let us not allow the negativity of current events to diminish our successes.

It is crucial, especially now, to celebrate our triumphs. Therefore, let us commemorate our accomplishments today so tomorrow we can go forward and achieve many more great things.

Congratulations class of 2020! Shine bright and make a positive difference.

Commencement Speech, Faculty Senate President (2019-2020), Dr. Erik Huntsinger

On behalf of all the faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College, I just want to express how proud we are of you today.

We wish we could be with you in person. We know how challenging it is to get a degree in normal years, but you made it, and in a pandemic!

Use this learning to stand up for what is right, to make the world a better place, to fight for social justice, and to be the change you want to see in the world.

Let's celebrate!

Commencement Address, Governing Board Member, Dr. Linda Thor

Completing your education at Estrella Mountain Community College marks a very special time in your life, and you should be proud of your accomplishments and optimistic about the opportunities awaiting you.

You have proven that you can accomplish what you set out to do. Well done!

In conferring these certificates and degrees, this college bestows upon you the highest honor that it can give.

Congratulations to the Estrella Mountain Community College Class of 2020!

Celebrating YOU!

You are more than an EMCC graduate. You are EMCC's strength and mission.

Today, we celebrate YOU – your focus, your determination, and your will to achieve.

Remember, once you're an Estrella Mountain Lion, you're always Part of the Pride! Visit our EMCC Alumni Association page to learn more.

Want to give yourself or your grad a shoutout on social? Use #EMCC2020Grad!

Graduation Slide Show

Class of 2020 Convocations

The following virtual convocations are cultural celebrations that affirm our students and reach out to families and friends in a meaningful way. The convocations are listed in alphabetical order.

African American Convocation

American Indian Convocation

Asian Pacific Islander Convocation

Hispanic Convocation

LGBTQIA+ Convocation

Veterans Convocation