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Grant Forms

These forms are required by EMCC and MCCCD for pursuit and administration of all grants at the college. These administrative functions help us track grant responsibilities through employee and PI turnover to ensure grant continuity of performance and administration. This section provides access to all of the necessary forms the college needs to document and administrate EMCC's participation in grants and acceptance of the responsibility to facilitate the grants. In addition, specific forms required for the Maricopa County Community College District are provided for your review. The completion of college and district forms can be supported by the EMCC Grants Officer-Senior. 

Per MCCCD policy, EMCC employees do not have the authority to sign on behalf of EMCC or MCCCD. This includes signing contracts, agreements, applications, etc or accepting terms and conditions, end-user agreements, etc.   The term "contracts" includes a wide range of things. It encompasses documents that are called something else, like agreements, memorandum of understanding, licenses, leases, rentals, sales of used property, purchases, intergovernmental agreements, grants, educational services agreements, applications, and donations. It also includes online agreements, terms of use or end-user agreements or any web page that requires the employee to click I agree, I accept, etc.  
EMCC is currently under a pilot with District Legal Services to allow certain MCCCD contract templates to be signed locally by the EMCC President and Vice President of Administrative Services.  Please contact EMCC Fiscal Services to route any contract, agreement, etc through the approval and signature process. 

First, stop and review the EMCC Grants Information Form. The EMCC Grants Information Form is important because it will outline your grant prospect to the EMCC Grants Vetting Team. The other forms will be filled out in collaboration with the EMCC Grants Officer-Senior. 

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