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Persistence & Completion Program Vetting

To submit a proposal for a new persistence and completion initiative, please download the vetting form located in the Downloads section of this page. Completed proposals or questions should be emailed to

Additional information and frequently asked questions about this vetting process are included below. 

Who initiates persistence and completion programs?

  • Faculty and staff who apply for EMCC Innovations and Learning Grant Funding for projects that improve course completion rates, persistence, and/or degree completion outcomes.
  • Faculty and staff who apply for external grants that improve course completion rates, persistence, and/or degree completion outcomes.
  • Faculty and staff who work in areas that support students and have program ideas that may improve student course completion, persistence, and degree completion.
  • Members of  EMCC Strategic Planning teams.

What triggers a review?  

  • Any persistence and completion project that requires additional college investment or reallocation of a division budget from an existing program to a new program.
  • Any project that requires reallocation of more than 20% of staff’s time.
  • Any project that duplicates an existing grant project/retention program.
  • EMCC Innovations and Learning Grants Project where the principle investigator desires to continue the project after the maximum of two years of funding (pertains to grants that focuses on course completion, persistence, or degree completion).
  • Proposed external grants trigger a review process, but have a separate vetting form and review committee.

What does not trigger a review?

  • Any retention or course success intervention/pedagogy implemented by faculty members within their own course(s). The exception is when faculty require extensive college resources not already budgeted within the academic division.
  • Improvements to existing persistence and completion programs that have been approved through the process and use existing department or grant funds.  
  • District mandates related to Pathways Transformation (e.g. hiring of intrusive advisors,  select course support for students requiring remediation).

Who reviews and approves retention programs?

  • The current HLC P&C Steering Team will serve as a recommending body to senior leadership (President and Vice Presidents). A new committee will be formed after the P&C project concludes in June 2020. A smaller team comprised of two faculty members, a business manager, a senior administrator, a research office member, and two staff members with expertise in persistence and retention programs will serve as the review committee. A rubric will be used to evaluate the applications.  
  • Senior administration will review the committee’s recommendation and make a decision regarding funding for the program or continuation/expansion of a current program. The President is the final decision maker.  
  • Depending on the amount of funds required, Senior Leadership may require the process go through the Budget Development Steering Team’s (BDST) annual budget request process. Note, the process to determine how proposals are funded has not been developed. It may involve funding thresholds (e.g., <$5,000, $5,00o to $10,000, $10,000 +).