Engage Estrella is designed to provide students and Estrella employees multiple options for engagement and learning opportunities with enough diversity to meet a variety of time, effort and commitment levels.

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EMCC employees can participate in E2 through 1-to-1 mentoring, career exploration (career interviews and job shadowing) and in-class engagement (success navigators). Depending on the participation level, you will engage students in the following ways:

1 to 1 Mentoring:

  • Provide student with guidance and encouragement for college success.

  • Connect student to campus resources when needed.

  • Provide guidance & support with academic goals

Career Interviews:

  • During student-initiated interview, provide information about your career.

  • If needed, be available for follow-up questions after the interview.

Job Shadowing:

  • Perform your regular work responsibilities while student observes.

  • If permissible, allow student to participate in work activities.


Success Navigators:

  • Select to have a Success Navigator assigned to your classroom for 1 full semester who will...

  • Engage and connect students to campus resources and events 

  • More abut Success Navigators

Peer Mentors: 

Success Navigation and Peer Mentoring occur in the classroom, thus these opportunities are available for faculty only. 

The great thing about E2 is that the program offers different support activities with different time commitments so you can still engage a student and help them reach their educational/career goals. The time commitment varies upon participation.

1-to-1 Mentoring

  • Deadline to Apply: September 2nd

  • 2-semester commitment, Fall - Spring

  • Attend an Orientation. Orientations are 1 hour only (30 min refresher training for returning mentors). Multiple sessions offered to best fit your schedule. Follow up mentor trainings are offered to provide additional tools and resources.

  • Attend the Launch Party. Attend a 1 hr launch party where you'll receive a warm welcome from College President, E2 Team, and meet your mentee. We provide a fun ice-breaker activity and some delicious snacks.

  • Meet with Mentee 2x/month. Meet with mentee at times that work best with your schedules. We recommend in-person meetings for approximately 30 minutes. However some meetings can be conducted via phone, email, Skype, etc. The key is to maintain a consistent connection.

Career Interviews

  • Deadline to Apply: October 1 

  • Up to a 1 hour Informational Interview with student

  • Student meets once with professional (number of interviews based on student requests)

Job Shadows

  • Deadline to Apply: October 1 

  • The 4 hours can be configured in the most convenient manner for both student and career professional – for example 2 hour blocks over 2 days or 2 hour blocks over 2 weeks.

Classroom Success Navigator

  • 5 -10 minutes, 2x/month. Allow a Success Navigator to visit your classroom twice a month at a time of your choosing

That's a great question! 

To Apply: 

  • Click on the Mentor Application located in the left hand menu

  • Select as many options as you are interested in (1-to-1 mentoring, career interviews, etc.) on your application

  • That's it! We'll send you a Welcome Email with additional details and options for attending a Mentor Orientation.

We look forward to your participation! 

The 1-to-1 mentor opportunity pairs you with a student. Before you meet your mentee, you will be contacted by E2 and complete mentor orientation. After you are introduced to your mentee during the program Launch Party, you meet with your mentee twice a month thereafter. 

During the mentorship you will: 

  • Help student focus on college success

  • Connect student to campus resources and opportunities

  • Help student set and achieve academic and career goals

  • Provide student with guidance and encouragement

  • Complete brief evaluations throughout mentoring to document the progression of the mentorship 

Career interviews are scheduled around your availability. After you apply and elect to be interviewed, our team member(s) in the Career and Transfer Center adds your name to the interview opportunity list and sends you an informational packet. If a student elects to interview you...

How it works:

  • The student contacts you and arranges a convenient time for the interview.

  • During the Interview, be prepared to answer questions about your educational and career path.

  • After the Interview, complete a brief evaluation.

Job shadowing gives students a 'glimpse' into the career you are currently working in. After you apply and elect to be job shadowed, our team member(s) in the Career and Transfer Center adds your name to the interview opportunity list and sends you an informational packet. If a student elects to shadow you...

How it works: 

  • The student contacts you and arranges a convenient time for the job shadow experience.

  • During the job shadow, perform your regular work responsibilities while the student observes. Be prepared to answer questions about your educational and career path.

  • After the job shadow, complete a brief evaluation.

The E2 Program continues to expand and make improvements based on mentor and mentee feedback each academic year. For this reason, you should attend a mentor orientation each year you participate. However, you DO NOT need to attend the full 1 hour orientation. 

For your convenience E2 Offers: 

  • 30 Minute Refresher/Updates Only Orientation (with snacks)

  • Optional Follow-up Mentor Training that may help you better assist your mentee

  • Additional tools as requested

If you are already mentoring a student, E2 is the perfect opportunity to have your mentoring activities formally recognized. E2 events and activities are open and available to you and your mentee. 

E2 Additionally offers your mentee: 

  • College Success Strategies and Opportunities
  • Guidance, Support, Campus Event Info, and Greater Campus Connections
  • Scholarship Opportunities ($500 - $1000)

To apply: 

  • Complete online mentor application 
  • Select "Yes" to the question "Are you currently mentoring a student?"
  • Enter student's name in the text box. 


  • Ensure your student mentee completes the online student application
  • They should select "Yes" to the question "Are you currently being mentored by a faculty/staff member?"
  • Then enter your name in the following text box. 

Most of the time, issues can be resolved by communicating with people and solving problems together. If an issue arises between you and your mentoring relationship (1-to-1, interview, job shadow, success navigator) contact the Engage Estrella program. We are happy to assist!

Feel free to contact us for additional questions or program assistance: 

Contact us via: 

Program Coordinator: 

  • Maryhelen Rosales, ext. 5 -8331