Types of Mentors

Engage Estrella (E²) connects students with individual mentors, career exploration activities, and resources, to provide opportunities for a successful college experience.  is a campus-wide, student-employee mentoring program focused on building collaborative relationships between students and employees (staff and faculty). The program is designed to accommodate various levels of commitment and time flexibility. Any employee with college coursework experience can participate in E².

As an employee, you can choose to participate in various ways such as 1-to-1 Mentoring, Career Exploration (Career Interviews & Job Shadowing), and even In-Class Engagement (Success Navigators). See below for more info.

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1-to-1 mentoring pairs each student participant with an employee mentor, who will provide guidance and support throughout the academic year (Fall - Spring semesters). 

The 1-to-1 Mentoring Program provides students with: 

  • Mentorship

  • College Success Strategies and Opportunities

  • Guidance, Support and a Campus Connection

  • Scholarship Opportunities ($500 - $1000)

A 1-to-1 mentor will: 

  • Help student focus on college success

  • Connect student to campus resources and opportunities

  • Help student set and achieve academic and career goals

  • Provide student with guidance and encouragement

E2 Mentors are "connectors". Employees are not expected to have all of the answers, but be able to help guide the student to the right resources. The E2 Program provides a 1 hr orientation, training workshops, tools, and availability, to best assist the E2 Mentor. 

Types of Mentees:

  • College Success - Students who are new to college or who might be struggling in their academics. Mentors provide guidance and encouragement for overall college success, including connecting students to campus resources.

  • Career Specific - Students who are close to graduation/transfer. Mentors provide discipline-specific guidance for a particular academic goal, including connecting students to transfer goals and resources.

You can specify areas/disciplines you are interested in assisting student with in the short online mentor application

Time Commitment: 

  • 2-semester commitment, Fall - Spring

  • 1 hr orientation. Multiple sessions offered to best fit your schedule.

  • Meet with Mentee 2x/month at times that work best with your schedules

Faculty can select to use E2 1-to-1 Mentoring as a committee assignment in the online mentor application. If selected, E2 will connect faculty with 2 mentees to meet this time requirement. 

Career Interviews and Job Shadows allow students to explore different career fields by interviewing and/or visiting with professionals. 

Career Interview: 

  • Interview a professional for up to 1 hour

  • Receive information and guidance from someone currently in the field

  • Receive a better understanding of a career field

Participating in the career interview track allows individuals to meet with a variety of students. If you sign up to be interviewed, students who are interested in your profession or work experience can elect to interview you. The interviews are student-initiated. During the interview, you provide the student with information about your career. The interview duration is 30-60 minutes and you meet with the student once. If you elect to do so, you can allow follow-up contact for additional questions.

Job Shadow: 

  • Shadow a professional for up to 4 hours

  • Receive information and guidance from someone currently in the field

  • Receive a better understanding of a career field

Job shadowing allows a student to observe professionals in their work environment for up to 4 hours. These 4 hours can be broken up over a period of time depending on student and employee schedules and preference. While you perform your regular work responsibilities, a student may ask questions about your career and gain first-hand knowledge of what a 'typical' day may be like in the profession. Meeting with a student once provides insight and practical application into the field he/she is considering entering.

Success Navigators: 

Select to have an E2 Success Navigator assigned to your classroom. 

  • Consistent, semester-long connection to campus, resources and events

  • Regular visits/interaction with a class to help engage students and facilitate persistence

How it works: 

  • 1 semester. A Success Navigator is assigned to the faculty/class for the duration of the semester by E2.

  • 5 - 10 min. A Success Navigator visits the class every other week at a time of your choosing.

  • Resource Presentation. The Success Navigator will present on 1 campus resource per visit and announce upcoming campus events.

Success Navigators become an additional campus connection and resource to students. Faculty can direct students to contact the success navigator about campus questions and resources. 

Visit the Success Navigators tab in the left-hand menu for additional details or select to have a Success Navigator assigned to your class now via the Success Navigator Class Interest Form.

Peer Mentoring:

Select to have a Peer Mentor assigned to your classroom. A faculty member may have a peer mentor assigned to their class by working with the Peer Mentor program, currently facilitated by Landis Elliott in the Career and Transfer Center. A peer mentor is a student role model in the class; the peer mentor works with the students in the class on college success tips. A peer mentor does not serve as a teaching assistant or tutor. Students who become a peer mentor participate in a specific training program prior to class assignments.

More about the Peer Mentor Program