iConnect pledge card and report cards
IConnect Pledge Card & Report Cards

You connect with students everyday ... the iConnect Pledge helps you document how you are LIVING the Learning College principles.

By signing the Pledge you agree to:

  1. Make at least 3 different connections with students during each semester.
  2. UseĀ  "Report Cards" to document your experiences.
  3. Return your report cards to designated dropboxes.

Seems too simple to be true? It is simple. You do what you already do ... the Pledge is merely making your connections to students more intentional:

  • Sign the Pledge = you become more aware of what you do.
  • Display the Pledge = you make others aware of what you do.
  • See the Pledge = people become more aware of what they do.
  • Do the Pledge = we learn from each other.

The Pledge is a way of "Passing it On" ... your circle of influence expands the more you do.