Success Navigators

Purpose of a Success Navigator

  • Consistent, semester-long connection to campus, resources and events

  • Regular visits/interaction with a class to help engage students and facilitate persistence

How it works in 3 Easy steps:

  1. Faculty volunteer to have a success navigator in the class. A Success Navigator is assigned to the faculty/class for the duration of 1 semester by E2.

  2. Success Navigator visits the class for 5 - 10 minutes every other week at time of your choosing. 

  3. Success Navigator presents on 1 campus resource per visit and announces upcoming success workshops and campus events.

Once the course begins, send a copy of roster to success navigator or E2. The roster is used to track student retention only.  For your convenience it is encouraged you add the Success Navigator to your Canvas Course as a TA. This will allow the Success Navigator access to class roster and the ability to post important follow up information (i.e. event flyers, follow up presentation uploads) to your students via Announcements.

Success Navigators become a “face” for the college and an additional connection and resource to students (e.g., faculty can direct students to contact the success navigator about campus questions, instead of referring students to a webpage)

Target Classes (but not limited to):

  • Developmental Education

  • Gateway Courses

Success Navigator Primary Responsibilities:

  • Connect with students and encourage them to utilize campus resources

  • Serve as an additional campus resource for students to rely on

  • Provide a consistent connection so students feel they belong

Benefits of Having a Success Navigator in Class:

  • A face to put to campus events

  • Additional resource to rely on

  • Greater connection to the institution in conjunction with faculty member

  • Higher quality peer relationships and engagement with the college

Research: http://www.wested.org/resources/what-works-brief-4-school-connectedness/

Time Commitment:

You set the schedule! Faculty member chooses start date (within first two weeks of class) and bi-weekly meeting times.

  • First meeting – Suggested 10 – 15 minute Intro to build relationship with class

    • Introduction – What is a Success Navigator, contact info

    • Pre-Self Efficacy Survey (takes 5 minutes or less)

    • Ice-Breaker  Activity

    • Gather student questions on index cards (The success navigator will answer these questions throughout the semester).

  • Bi-weekly meetings – Min 5 min – Max 10 min (depending on instructor preference)

    • Resource Presentations – present on 1 campus resource (e.g., Tutoring, Writing Center, Counseling, Student Life, CTC, etc.)

    • Announcements of campus events and activities

      • This can be tailored to each class needs. For example, if an instructor has an issue with communication in class, the mentor can suggest a communication workshop happening on campus.

    • Provide useful handouts (e.g., goal setting worksheet, education plans)

  • Final meeting – Suggested 10 minute Closing to formerly close relationship with class

    • Post Self-Efficacy Survey (takes 5 minutes of less)

Outside the classroom:

  • Students can contact the Success Navigator for non-course content questions. Success Navigator will connect them to:

    • Course content assistance (e.g., Tutoring, Writing Center, Library)

    • Campus resources (e.g., Academic Advisement, Career & Transfer Center, Counseling, Financial Aid, Veterans Center)

    • Problem solving needs (e.g., Success Navigator suggests possibilities like using Bookstore scholarship if student struggling to purchase books, etc.)

Help students feel connected to campus! Let a Success Navigator be your talking ‘billboard’!

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