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Employee Challenge and Student Tips

Don't give up. You belong here.
Don't ever, ever, ever, quit. - MCCCD student

As part of the I Will Graduate program, employees extend their talents, resources, and knowledge to connect with students. Retention is everyone's responsibility. 

Semester Challenge: Create a relationship with one student that is outside of your day to day interactions (e.g., Faculty -  a student that is not in your class, Staff - a student you do not directly advise or interact with regularly).

LEARN. Learn the student's name and story.

ENGAGE. Engage student in personal conversations about her/his goals, purpose, and aspirations.

CONNECT. Connect student to resources and services to help her/him meet their individual goals.

Use the weekly tips for students as reminders or engagement opportunities. The tips are for students during the first 5 weeks of courses to help them 'start off right' and remain successful during the semester. 

Week 1 - Building Relationships:

  • Get to know your Professors.
  • Connect with classmates in your classes.

Week 2 - Semester Planning:

  • Create an assignment calendar - record when all exams, quizzes, papers, and finals are due.
  • 1 hour of class time = 2 hours of Study Time.

Week 3 - Academic Success:

  • Go to class everyday it is scheduled.
  • Connect with a tutor to help improve your learning and grades.
  • Work with an advisor to complete an educational plan.

Week 4 - Involvement:

  • Get involved! Participate in campus clubs, activities and events. EMCC's Online Student calendar.
  • Go to the Career and Transfer Center to get help in finding your purpose.

Week 5 - Balance:

  • Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise.
  • Prioritize your time. Sometimes you have to learn to say no.