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Why iConnect?

All of us, regardless of position, have significant contributions we can share with each other and with students. As we apply the principles of the Learning College, our efforts must be supported and valued. iConnect helps us, as a college and community, become actively involved with student engagement. Additionally, iConnect focuses our attention on the process of 'doing' by acknowledging people and recognizing the 'value' each person has in the creation of a community. The foundation we create, the environment we support, and the collaboration we foster begins with the individual relationships we build. By aligning our efforts to improve student outcomes we also affect our interactions with each other.

iConnect is an umbrella program; the canopy of iConnect helps structure the various programs which support student learning. Strengthening the commitment to improving student learning cannot be accomplished unless students feel valued first as individuals, then as learners. iConnect also recognizes that employees must feel valued first as people, then as contributors. If we are to change the values of the college culture, it is incumbent that the entire campus environment be involved in reshaping students’ experiences. Actively reaching out and intentionally making efforts to connect with students is one way Estrella Mountain Community College can invest in helping our students succeed.


  • Connection: Seek relationships - do not wait for someone to reach for you, go to them. By becoming active seekers in the connection process, we bridge the gap between each other and share the responsibility and effort of making a connection with someone.
  • Validation: When someone reinforces our actions, we are more likely to repeat those behaviors. Recognizing our efforts and the efforts of others is an important component of sustaining behavior. Vocalize and communicate your appreciation to others.
  • Transformation: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" - John Wooden. We may all have different paths and directions, but most people walk forward. Do what you are capable of and build on your abilities; the goals that seem unattainable can be reached. Contributing to the mental and emotional health of each person elevates the health of the community.
  • Student Success: Aligning actions with words is the most consistent way to inspire confidence. Encouraging others, even when they fail, focuses attention on the long-term benefits and goals. The more students are integrated and feel themselves to be valued members on the campus, the more likely they are to persist. By validating students and facilitating a connection with the college culture EMCC employees provide a key to the success of students.