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Industrial Operations

Industrial Technology Training

Today's industrial facilities require highly skilled technicians to operate and maintain highly sophisticated, automated systems. There is a shortage of skilled industrial machinery technicians found in these industrial facilities. EMCC's Energy Institute is committed to training the current and next generation workforce to operate and maintain complex industrial systems and processes.

As part of of the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Industrial Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies (IMET) degree, students may choose the following classes to specialize in Industrial Maintenance and Operations.

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Recommended Classes for a career in Industrial Maintenance & Operations

Industrial Fundamentals

MIT120 Industrial Technology Fundamentals

Mechanical Systems

ATP101 Introduction to Automated Systems and Robotics

PPT115 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

PPT121 Plant Components

PPT114 Drive and Gear Components

PPT107 Lubrication

PPT206 Bearings

Electrical Systems

ELC119 Concepts of Electricity and Electronics

ELC120 Solid State Fundamentals

ELC210 AC Machinery and DC Machinery

ELC217 Motor Controls

ELC218 Variable Frequency Drives (Programmable Logic Controllers, AC Motor Drives and DC Motor Drives are covered in this class)