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Engineering Institute

Engineer your career here!

The Engineering Program is designed to prepare students for the engineering field. The program’s goal is for the engineering student to acquire the knowledge, skills, and course credits for most of the first two years toward a baccalaureate degree in engineering. The remaining course work can be completed at one of the state universities in Arizona, other in-state universities, or out-of-state universities. Another goal is for the engineering student to upgrade skills or to prepare for transfer on a full-time or part-time basis.

Mission Statement: Professional Engineering faculty members prepare students for transfer to a university and/or, with the Engineering Technology degree, for employment or career advancement as an engineering technician or technologist. The institute works to provide other engineering opportunities such as internships,  scholarships, academic and engineering contacts, and in-class labs and project development.

Program Goals

  1. To provide high quality instruction by experienced residential and adjunct faculty.
  2. To give students insights into the different disciplines and project involvement of the engineering field.
  3. To provide guidance into the employment internship opportunities and criteria for hire that is available within the engineering field.
  4. To deliver classes in a flexible format, giving students the option of following a program sequence that fits their schedule: evening/daytime schedules, summer sessions, and 8-week fast track to completion classes.
  5. To maintain and build partnerships with high school programs who act as “feeders” to the Engineering program.
  6. To develop partnerships with local engineering hiring firms and government by promoting “working relationships” in such programs as Internships, Service Learning opportunities and Seminars in Engineering topic areas.
  7. To increase the number of AAS degrees in Engineering Technology awarded. Provide the transfer opportunities for those students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering at state universities or other institutions of higher learning.

Industry Recognized Credentials Offered Within Our Courses and Programs:

Engineering Technology – Degree/Certificate: Associate of Applied Science 


Civil / Construction / Chemical

Computer System


Mechanical / Aerospace

Materials Science / Electrical

Robotics / Electrical Systems / Mechanical Systems


Students pursuing a degree in Engineering can take up to 64 transferred credits to any of the 3 major Universities in Arizona. Students should meet with an EMCC advisor to ensure they meet the appropriate courses for transfer.

AZ TRANSFER is a state resource with up-to-date lists of courses transferable between the state schools.

The Arizona Course Transfer Applicability System is where the Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) shows students how community college courses transfer to Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona.

Maricopa to ASU Engineering Pathways

NAU Engineering Degrees

U of A Engineering Degrees


ASU offers personalized experience to immerse yourself in your studies and engage with community partners that provide internships, research, and engineering practice.  ASU is a Maricopa Community Colleges University Partner and accepts Maricopa Transferable Credits as well as degrees.

Northern Arizona University offers the 2NAU program is a partnership between the Maricopa Community Colleges and Northern Arizona University (NAU) designed to help you earn your degree. NAU is a Maricopa Community Colleges University Partner and accepts Maricopa Transferable Credits as well as degree

The University of Arizona offers the Bridge Program is a partnership between the Maricopa Community Colleges and the University of Arizona (UA) designed to help you earn your degree.  UA is a Maricopa Community Colleges University Partner and accepts Maricopa Transferable Credits as well as degrees.

Embry-Riddle is the world’s educational leader in aviation, aerospace, security and related industries.  Embry-Riddle is a Maricopa Community Colleges Partner and accepts Maricopa Transferable Credits as well as degrees. 


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