Public Safety Institute

Public Safety Institute

The Public Safety Institute provides you with enrichment experiences during the pursuit of a degree or certificate in the areas of EMT, Fire Science and Administration of Justice at EMCC.

As an Administration of Justice student, the Public Safety Institute can help you get practical, on-the-job experience through an internship with a federal, state, county or local criminal-justice agency. These internships are offered to select students who meet the established criteria for entry into the program. 

EMCC EMT or Fire Science students will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals and gain valuable experience through hands-on training with industry apparatus and equipment.

As part of the Public Safety Institute. EMCC also offers a Fire Academy. FSC102 - Fire Department Operations is offered to qualified students that have met the admission criteria. Upon successful completion of the class, students test for the “Firefighter I and II” certification issued by the Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence (AZCFSE).

Public Safety Institute programs include:

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

  • Administration of Justice
  • Emergency Response & Operations

Certificate of Completion (CCL)

Industry Certifications