Administration of Justice Studies Institute

AJS Program Description

AJS Program

The Administration of Justice Program is designed to prepare men and women for careers within the criminal justice system, including, but not limited to:  law enforcement, the courts, probation and parole, corrections, and the various social service agencies that support the criminal justice system. It is interdisciplinary in nature and provides the student with a broad knowledge of the conceptual occupational issues and concerns existent within the criminal justice system.  The program also provides criminal justice practitioners with the opportunity for continued education and academic growth and development.

Mission Statement

Professional Criminal Justice faculty members prepare students for employment, career advancement and/or transfer to a baccalaureate granting university. Professional degree programs include a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Administration of Justice. Additionally, there are two certificate programs, one in the Justice Studies and the other in Evidence Technology. Whether a student’s goal is to prepare for employment, enhance current employment skills, earn a certificate or transfer to a baccalaureate granting university, Estrella Mountain can “Make dreams come true.”

Program Goals

  1. To provide high quality instruction by experienced residential and adjunct faculty.
  2. To give students insights into the workings of the various components of the criminal justice system.
  3. To provide guidance into the employment opportunities and criteria for hire that is available within the criminal justice system.
  4. To deliver classes in a flexible format, giving students the option of following a program sequence that fits their schedule: evening/daytime schedules, summer sessions, and 8 week fast track to completion classes.
  5. To maintain and build partnerships with high school programs who act as “feeders” to the Administration of Justice program.
  6. To develop partnerships with local criminal justice agencies by promoting “working relationships” in such programs as Internships, Service Learning opportunities and Seminars in Criminal Justice topic areas.
  7. To increase the number of AAS degrees and certificates awarded.
  8. Provide the transfer opportunities for those students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree at state universities or other institutions of higher learning.