Administration of Justice Studies Institute

Inside the Program

Inside the Administration of Justice program

The Administration of Justice (AJS) program at EMCC provides students with the practical and technical skills and training that lead to a rewarding career in law enforcement.

The AJS program makes the news quite often for innovation, community involvement and student success. Read the latest.


As an AJS student, you’ll want to be aware of some critical dates - not just for exams and projects, but for orientations and graduation. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Every student needs to attend the new student orientation. This event is designed to inform incoming students about the EMCC campus, available resources, faculty and staff expectations, opportunities offered, and the importance of identifying their personal and educational goals.

  • As an AJS student, you are part of the Administration of Justice Institute. The Institute orientation is your opportunity to connect with AJS faculty, staff and other students. You’ll hear about resources just for your program as well as  be able to connect with a variety of EMCC’s police department partners.

  • Finally, when you’re ready, you’ll want to keep an eye open for EMCC’s graduation deadlines in order to fully celebrate your big day.

Featured Graduate

Assistant Police Chief "Memo" Espinoza
City of Avondale

Teaching and learning is at the heart of all that Assistant Police Chief Cuauhtémoc “Memo” Espinoza has a passion for. From starting as a young student at Estrella Mountain Community College in 1993, to joining the Marine Corps and ultimately becoming Lieutenant at the Avondale Police Department, Espinoza has continued his education and his passion for teaching others. READ MORE.

Resources for AJS and EMT students

AJS Study Hall

Residential Faculty members are available on a weekly basis to assist students in a “study hall,” starting September 4, every Wednesday from 11:55 – 12:55 p.m. in Ocotillo Room 116.   

AJS Internship Opportunities

The Administration of Justice Program offers internship opportunities with the following law enforcement agencies: Goodyear and Buckeye Police Departments, United States Marshal’s Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Department of Probation-Probation and Pretrial Services Officer, Maricopa County Juvenile Court Section and Maricopa County Adult Probation.

If you currently have 18 credit hours in Administration of Justice coursework and a 3.0 grade point average, you are eligible to apply for these exciting opportunities.  

Learning Spaces

What does EMCC’s Public Safety Institute offer for learning spaces? Check out the photo gallery to see our state-of-the-art facilities and teaching spaces that give you the opportunity to learn, study and experience college life in realistic settings.