Teacher Education Institute

Advisory Boards

Strong partnerships are an important key to our programs success. The Teacher Education and Speech Language Pathology advisory boards include experts in the education industry as well as respected leaders at EMCC. What do they have in common? They’re all committed to your success. 

Teacher Education Advisory Board

EMCC Partners:
  • Rachel Holmes, Education Faculty, EMC
  • ​Steven Griffiths, Division Chair for Occupational Education, EMC
  • Paula Livingston, Dean, Occupational Education, EMCC
  • Landis Elliott, Director of Internship Placements,  EMCC 
Industry Partners:
  • Jan Amator, Executive Director, Westside Impact
  • Juana Ceja, Personnel Director, Liberty Elementary School District
  • Dr. Lisa Kelly,Chief Academic Officer, Littleton Elementary School District
  • Mike Cagle, Principal, Littleton Elementary School District
  • Sarah Crites, Littleton Elementary School District
  • Leslie Standerfer, Estrella Foothills High School 
  • Sarah Pearson, Litchfield Elementary School District 
  • Lisa Steinman, Avondale Elementary School District
University Partners:
  • Deeda Webster, Northern Arizona University 
  • Heather Villarreal, Arizona State University
  • Chester Henderson, Arizona State University 
  • Tina Hughes, Ottawa University
  • Matt McFadden, Grand Canyon University
  • Lexi Villegas, Grand Canyon University

Speech Language Pathology Advisory Board

EMCC Partners:
  • Amy Hill, Program Director, EMCC
  • Steven Griffiths, Division Chair Occupational Education, EMCC
​Industry Partners:
  • Kelly Ross, Retired, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Joanne Phillips, Previous Special Education Director, President/Consultant,
  • Arizona Education Cadre, LLC
  • Catherine Bacon, Clinical Associate Professor, Arizona State University
  • Cass Faux, Faculty, University of Arizona
  • Kristan Culbertson:  Faculty, Northern Arizona University
  • Eileen Hunsaker:  Faculty, Midwestern University
  • Jay Griffin, Carla Berg, Megan Whitby: Arizona Department of Health Services Representative
  • TBA:   Recruitment, Retention and Teacher Preparation Specialist, ADE