Fingerprint Information

Fingerprint information for all EDU internship/field experience students!

On April 29, 2008, the governor signed into law House Bill #2566. This law affects all EDU students: internships and field experience!  The law states you must possess a valid IVP fingerprint clearance card in order to be placed in a school for an internship or field experience duty. It is imperative that all students complete the process for their fingerprint clearance immediately. This process can take 6-10 weeks. Any delay in the fingerprint clearance process will affect a student’s progress in the EDU: internship/field experience.

The card must be in the student’s possession when participating in the internship/field experience at a public school.

If your current DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card does not have an IVP number on the front, you will be asked to complete a new IVP fingerprint clearance process prior to certification with the Arizona Department of Education. Some districts may also require you to possess an IVP card.