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Inside the Program

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Inside the Teacher Education programs

The Teacher Education programs at EMCC provide students with the practical and technical skills and training that lead to a rewarding career in education.

The Education programs make the news quite often for innovation, community involvement and student success. Read the latest.

Calendar of Events

Aa student of one of EMCC’s business programs, you’ll want to be aware of some critical dates - not just for exams and projects but orientations and graduation Here’s what you need to know:

  • Every student needs to attend the new student orientation. This event is designed to inform incoming students about the EMCC campus, available resources, faculty and staff expectations, opportunities offered, and the importance of identifying their personal and educational goals.

  • When you enroll, you become part of the Teacher Education Institute. The Institute orientation is your opportunity to connect with faculty, staff and other students. You’ll hear about resources just for your program as well as  be able to connect with a variety of EMCC’s business partners for future internships or scholarships.

  • Finally, when you’re ready, you’ll want to keep an eye open for EMCC’s graduation deadlines in order to fully celebrate your big day.

Learning Spaces

What does EMCC’s Teacher Education Institute offer for learning spaces? Check out the photo gallery to see our state-of-the-art facilities and teaching spaces that give you the opportunity to learn, study and experience college life in realistic settings.

Resources for Teacher Education Institute students

Fingerprint Information

You must possess a valid IVP fingerprint clearance card in order to be placed in a school for an internship/field experience. It is imperative that all students complete the process for their fingerprint clearance immediately. This process can take 6-10 weeks. Any delay in the fingerprint clearance process will affect a student’s progress in the EDU: internship/field experience. The card must be in the student’s possession when participating in the internship/field experience at a public school.

If your current DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card does not have an IVP number on the front, you will be asked to complete a new IVP fingerprint clearance process prior to certification with the Arizona Department of Education. Some district may also require you to possess an IVP card.