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KARE Coins


Recognizing employees for demonstrating kindness and respect in the workplace is an important part of creating a culture the encourages diversity, integrity, innovation, and collaboration. KARE Coins are meant to do just that. 

Engraved here in our MakerSpace, KARE Coins are meant to recognize employees for their positive attitude that embodies the EMCC culture.

How do KARE Coins work? 

  1. You notice an employee you would like to recognize for being kind and respectful in the workplace
  2. Write your personal message on the KARE note explaining why you think they represent what KARE stands for
  3. Give the KARE Coin and note to the person (it can be anonymous)
  4. If you receive a KARE Coin, display it in your work area

Where you can you pick-up KARE Coins to give out? 

KARE Coins can be picked up from the following individuals:

  • Sandra Chavez - Administration (EST S 215)
  • TJ Ferrer - Human Resources (ARO)
  • Nikol Price - EST S 242
  • Jonathan Robles - ARO
  • Kristina Scott - KOM B 139
  • Heather Weber- Administration (EST S 215)